Nursing Salaries

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There are many jobs to choose to make a career, but the most rewarding one is the nursing career, if you put a lot of efforts and dedication to it. Because handling the sick and old people is not an easy task. But with the passage of time you get used to it and would feel happiness and satisfaction in helping others. This job is very challenging and you should be mentally and physically well prepared for.

Commitment and passion is always required to acquire education for certified Nurse. There are many courses for Nurse throughout the country. Their length may vary from course to course. Schools offer night or weekend classes to accommodate the people who are short of time. Community schools and colleges offer Associate Degree of 2 – 3 years for Nursing. Some hospitals also administer a Diploma Programme for Nursing. However, to get better opportunities in the career, Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing (BSN) is more effective in getting higher registered Nurse Salaries.

When you start your career as Certified Nursing Assistant, the one thing that will always be in your mind is the salary you will get at the end of the day. It is a vital factor and has gained more importance due to rise in cost of living, travelling and food etc. The Bureau of Labour Statistics reveals that while many people are finding extremely difficult to get good salaries in the professions like Accountants, Supervisors, the nursing salaries has increased year on year. The lowest possible nursing salaries, which are though to be below standard, are $ 44,000 a year for trainee. Most Nurses are earning between $ 55,000 and $ 75,000. This standard of salaries is equal to Supervisors and Accountants. nursing salaries for the most qualified, well trained and experienced ones are above $ 90,000 annually.

Although it is very difficult for a new comer to earn maximum at the early stage of career, but if you follow the two important things, then chances are that your salary will increase in the shortest period of time. These two things are improvement in qualification and advance training experiences. It is a matter of fact that qualified and experience Nurses are getting more salaries than the others.

The nursing salaries and pay scales vary from clinic to clinic and hospitals. Some health care service providers have wrongly taken the flexibility in the salaries by offering salaries below the average. These salaries are offered to the nurses with no experience. Another thing which is hurting the local Nurses is getting Nurses from the countries like China, India, and Brazil etc. These Nurses are being paid much below the average salary of the local Nurse. This has created an unhealthy scenario for local Nurses.


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