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These days the best and easiest way of watching movies at home is renting movie online by mail. The method of Rent movie online eliminates many problems of watching movies at home. Renting movies from local store is much more difficult as compared to this option. It saves costly time and help in choosing a new release without the frustration of standing in rows for hours. In case of getting movies from local store there is also another worry of returning back the movies to store in time, otherwise delay of few hours will cause a fine.

With a computer and internet connection everyone can use this option of renting movies by mail. Your choice of huge selection of DVDs is shipped to your doorstep within one or two days. There is no tension of returning back the movies in time and also no fear of loss of money in the form of fine in case of late return. Best part of this process is that you can keep them until you have spare time to watch.

Online rental movie service makes you able to save some money being a cheaper; especially in case of renting may movies every month. It also allows you the selection from variety of plans determining the number of DVDs that may be rented at any given time usually ranging from 1 to 4.

To rent movie online all you have to do is to log into your account and choose the list of movies you desire to see in forthcoming months. After watching a movie just put it in a return envelope supplied by the service provider and next choice will be dispatched to you within few days. If you want to receive movies at regular basis you can do it just by updating your list of movies. Most online rental service providers do not charge of shipping both deliveries and returns. Free trials are also offered by many rental service providers to attract the customers to use the service. Free trial can also be terminated in case of being unpleasant without paying.

It is the most easy, cheap and affordable way of watching movies. There are many website which offer online renting services but the top most visited and popular are Blockbuster, netflix, DVD Avenue, gameznflix,,, peerflix, iletyou, intelliflix and numberslate. The chances are that once you try it you will never go back to old way of getting movies from local stores.


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