Inasoc Found 15 Thousand Counterfeit Tickets in Circulation at The Time of The Match Indonesia Versus Malaysia Sea Games 2011

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Local committee SEA Games XXVI (Inasoc) found  15 thousand counterfeit tickets in circulation at the time of the match Indonesia versus Malaysia, Thursday, November 17, 2011. As a result, the number of spectators entering the stadium exploded to over capacity.

Inasoc ticket manager, Agus Mauro said it sniff the distribution and sale of counterfeit tickets since early morning before the match was held. According to him, from a total of 70,000 tickets printed sheet, Inasoc really only took off as many as 60,000 tickets were sold to the public.

The rest, tickets have been distributed to each country’s quota, the invitation and the sponsor. Not only make the stadium exceeds the capacity, the spread of counterfeit tickets are also made some fans who are victims of fake tickets can not get into the stadium despite having bought a ticket.

“We apologize to all the supporters who can not watch a football game last night due to fake tickets they buy. We found 15 thousand fake tickets circulating participated in the stadium. There is the spread of counterfeit tickets since the morning before the game and we just know at about 18.00 am, “said Agus Mauro during a press conference held at the Sultan Hotel, Senayan, Jakarta, Friday, November 18, 2011.

Deputy II Inasoc, Djasri Marin on the same occasion to explain, there are significant differences between the original ticket and the ticket scalpers sold fake around the stadium. One of the striking difference in color is a ticket that can be seen with the naked eye. Fake tickets tend to be more opaque and contour design are listed in the paper is not as bright as the original ticket.

As a result of the incident, the Inasoc urge the public to be cautious in buying tickets. Moreover, if done through the services of ticket scalpers. Djasri say, counterfeit tickets are being distributed through the hands of the brokers at a price below the original ticket. Parties will also further tighten Inasoc ticket sales, so the problem does not recur.

“We’ve done an evaluation for the sale tomorrow morning. Regarding the fake tickets yesterday, we’ve brought this to the police to do the next process. We hope people do not ever buy a ticket through the services of brokers. Because all brokers that we know to bring tens of fake tickets, “said Djasri.

it is so disappointing some parties, especially the fake ticket buyers. indeed it is very vulnerable if the sale of tickets is always there “brokers” who can buy a ticket. there should be restrictions on the purchase of tickets, for example, each person can only purchase a maximum of 4-5 tickets only, and even then have to indicate the identity of the ticket is purchased. it as one alternative only.
as a conclusion, hopefully in the future ticket sales in Indonesia will get better and enjoyable. Indonesian national team bravo … go go go … You can do it


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