Shamans, Prophets and Gods

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Shamanism is in almost every culture from before the beginning of civilizations to the present.. A Shaman is a person that communicates with the spirit world; they treat illnesses with prayer, chants, incantations, herbs and other forms of natural remedies. They go into an induced trance with drumming, dancing and herbs to enable contact with spirits in other dimensions. Many “bring back” useful, even enlightening information from vision quests. Some “act” very strange while they are in visionary ecstasy because they are in a dream state. Most shamans operate outside of established religions but are very compassionate ministers wanting to help other people. Most say that they leave their bodies( a form of astral projection) and contact guides, some even have animal guides that give them omens or insights.. There was a grave site found in Israel, dating back 12,000 yrs. that contained a woman buried with tortoise shells, animal parts, a human foot, a cow tail and eagle wings and was theorized that she was a shaman.

Shaman in New Guinna

Black Elk was a shaman for the Oglala Lakota (Sioux) and his visions and teachings are honored and studied by many(see Black Elk Speaks), Kara-Gurgan was a very powerful shaman from Siberia. Sagloq was an Eskimo shaman who “traveled to the sky” and “under the sea”. A noted Mongolian shaman Chuonnasuan (Meng Jin Fu ) died in 2000. There are “famous” shamans all over the world. The Mayans based their shamanisn on astrology. Carlos Castaneda a researcher from UCLA has a series of books that explains his apprenticeship under a Yaqui shaman named don Jaun Matus.Matus claimed that he was thught by a Toltec shaman.The series is very interesting and educational.


Persons who claim to have had communication or encountered the supernatural or divine and are intermediaries between them and humanity.They exist in past and present cultures. One of the earlist records was a Sumerian prophetess named Enheduana, aprox. 6000 BC. Noah’s daughter-in-laws were sibylla (prophetess) for centuries. In the Hellenic world, the interpreters of Zeus, Apollo and other gods were called oracles.The gods spoke through, usually women called sibyls.There was a Persian prophet named Zoroaster who claimed to receive  17 hymns, known as the Gathas which are in the holy book. It says that God did not create good and evil but they are human concepts.Muhammad believed the angel Jibrael (Gabriel) gave him the Qur’an from God.Many of us know of the prophets Krishna, Buddha, Confucius, Gandhi, Joseph Smith, Jesus, Abraham, Ezekiel, Ester, Moses,Noah and Elijah. Some others are Sai Baba, Madam Blavatsky, Edgar Cayce, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Jeane Dixon, Hal Lindsey, Merlin and Nostradamus.


Almost every civilazation had their creation story and the name of supernatural beings that were the creators. The Sumerians(6000BC) believed that Enki was the god of wisdom and created the first man named Adamah. The Babylonian’s creation story was the Enuma Elish and named Apsu and Tiamat commingling, producing creation. Egyptians said Ptah created everything, the Kabbalahist’s of Judaism say Ain Soph Aur created the world. The Hebrews say in Genesis of the bible,”” and God said,” Let us make man in our image” The Hopi Indians say Tawa and Spider Woman created all. In early tablets, the Anunnaki were the high council of the gods and the head of them was An.  Someone once said, “God is a process” There are many in the world and there is a need for a belief system which honors a supreme being. Namaste’…may the God in you honor the God in me.


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