How to Submit to eHow Paid Writing Site

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I believe my two favorite writing sites on the Internet today are Bukisa and eHow.  The difference between eHow and Bukisa is that eHow specializes in How to articles.

When you sign up for an eHow account you will need to provide personal information with regard to payment; however, once you do you may submit articles that others are requesting or provide your own unique “how to” information.

I believe eHow is a great writing venue for individuals wishing to better learn the craft of writing in that it allows you to craft instructional content that is helpful to a multitude of Internet readership.

The easy to use format of article submission is set up so that you may provide information in a step by step format.  Further, you may add warnings and tips at the end of your content keeping your information all very well-organized.  You can also submit on any computer so you needn’t worry about a Windows interface meaning you can also access the eHow site through older machines such as MAC.  I use both the MAC and Dell computer so I find this aspect quite helpful.

Its similar to the wonderful site of Bukisa in that you receive revenue from ads populated round your article.  You may wish to submit to Bukisa and eHow just to keep things interesting.

You may wish to go to Google and type in the words:  eHow articles dawnmichel.  There you will get an idea how great your articles will look once you have them posted on the eHow site.  They look every bit as good as the Bukisa articles.  I suggest you submit to both sites as they are both similar in nature and you will be able to vary somewhat the types of articles you write.


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