Resident evil 5 X box 360

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If you’re familiar with the resident evil series then you should know you’re finally Chris again like the first resident evil. The story gets even better. The story takes place in India with Chris and his partner Sheva. They’re going to get to the bottom of another bad event umbrella has unleashed. Jill valentine has pronounced dead after Chris last encounter with umbrella. You were Jill in the 3rd resident evil with the nemesis. The Game play on the 360 is just like the playstation 3 but you have the x box live side that allows you to team up with a friend online. The resident evil game play did change a little with your partner being by your side all the time. Every time you go down a dark hall way you have Sheva by your side.  That took the scary affect away, but resident evil 5 is still a very good game. The zombies this time are smarter and faster. They’re not really zombies there parasite just like resident evil 4 with Leon.  

The action is never ending and again you’re saving every ounce of ammo you have. There are new game play modes after you beat the game and it allows you to run through as a different character like Sheva. The overall game play is awesome for any resident evil fan. The story was very good and will have you to know about the upcoming resident evil. The resident evil series has always been one of my favorites and so was the new movie with leon and clair.


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