Using Sea Vitamins In Farming

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Vitamins are the foundation lifestyle. The sea is the “primordial soup” from which all lifestyle on World began. No place in the world with a higher attention of minerals than the sea The sea water includes 70% of the global surface. Pet and vegetation blossom in unpolluted sea atmosphere, so a increase lifestyle, is readily available from the lifestyle in the world, and in perfect health. This is because the illness is the result of a scarcity of minerals and acidification and do not happen normally in the sea atmosphere. If this happens, the person’s problem, not characteristics.

All lifestyle comes from the sea of ​​blood tissue has been shown that 98% similar to sea water The only difference is that sea water demands an added compound of the mineral magnesium while body needs an added compound metal (hence the red color of blood). When a dilution of sea water is touching body, however, the mineral magnesium to metal, so the move to 100%. And sea water should be considered as a lcd.

Photosynthesis is the connection of sunshine and water. This is the foundation all vegetation. He also started in the sea Chlorophyll is the product of photosynthesis and results in the natural, single-celled creatures. These cleaned up on ocean and led to vegetation. Humankind and creatures not only share a inherited link to the sea, but also with natural vegetation, chlorophyll is 98% similar to body. Chlorophyll also has a the mineral magnesium center, while the metal is the foundation body. The change of the mineral magnesium in chlorophyll for metal is again complete when it comes into get in touch with with body. As sea water, chlorophyll is a lcd and is sometimes called “blood of the place. The vegetation and earth are more minerals and know components that they would get any other type of manure, such as normal manure. The whole earth components, both known and unfamiliar, can be found in brine.

So it adds up to use a very decrease sea minerals to 30% of the area bulk, in which we live. Despite what a healthy sea atmosphere, there is more illness, aging, lifestyle reducing and destruction of tissue in the country. Working dilutions are so excessive you can slightly style the sodium, no sodium content of the vegetation and area, so the minerals can be used to make the most of the plants to help build, grow and build stamina.


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