Hurricane Katrina: A Water Nightmare

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Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina was a devastating and horrible natural disaster. Not only did the powerful hurricane damage houses, buildings, automobiles, and trees, it also caused the displacement of all the inhabitants of New Orleans, forcing them to flee to neighboring cities and states. This threatening hurricane played a tremendous impact in these people’s lives, especially by causing the destruction of their homes. Now with their houses flooded and roofs and walls all broken off, these poor people had no place to live. All of their personal valuable belongings in their homes were floating in the water and shattered to pieces. Seeing their place of shelter under water, these people began to show signs of emotional stress, tearing down inside. Many of them cried because they no longer had homes, food, or transportation. Due to a lack of transportation, the victims of Hurricane Katrina went hours and hours without sleep or food, interrupting their daily sleep routine and nutritional lifestyle. Everything in their lives were ruined, and the victims after being away from home for weeks and weeks, knew the city of New Orleans would never be the same to them. One thing the victims of Hurricane Katrina will never forget is that water, in greatly large amounts, can cause enormous destruction on homes and terrible physical pain and mental stress. Ultimately, water has the ability to cause happiness and fear simultaneously.


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