How to Make A Little Extra Cash in These Hard Times

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 One of the best ways to make a little extra cash is to write articles on Bukisa, and from there you can be connected to other articles and web sitesmag-glass_10x10.gif that can help put some extra change in the pocket every month. It takes a little time scoping out other articles and members. Remember we are all here to make a little extra and advice from others help, so listen to then and go from there.

 Another way is to look on craigslist and other publications like your local newspaper for free items. Even going to garage sales you can find free items. If they look like they can sell pick them up. You can put the on craigslist and other free publications to resale them, or even eBay.

 Back when I was young my Grandfather and I would go around and pick up scrap metal from the area. (Yes I was raised dirt poor, but look at me know.) We would resale it to the local scrap yard. Have you seen the price of some metals now-a-days. It was hard dirty work but it helped us make it through some hard times. Check around, even put an add on craigslist and other publications that you are looking for scrap metal.

 Also check around your house for items that you have forgotten about or have no use for. Again you can put these on craigslist as well as other publications, as well as eBay. You would be surprised at the things people buy.

 you want to spend a little cash check out some auctions at abandoned storage units. Check out my article How to Buy Abandoned Storage Units. The things you find in some of these units will surprise you. I have found countless amounts of gold and silver in these units as well as many good items to sale at garage sales and on ebay.

  If you have a hobby or craft that others admire, sell those items. Find local flea, farmers or saturday markets. Check out my artice How to Sell Your Homemade Items. If people like them then others will buy them. Of course this will take a little investment to pay for rent space. Check it out and see if it is worth it.

 Another way is to go to the local thrift stores and check for items you think are under priced. Make so you are correct before you buy them. You can also do this at garage sales. Then you can try to resale them for what you think is the going price. Remember on these last two steps you are spending money and need a quick turn around to make it profitable.


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