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New Police story comes as a refreshing treat for all Jackie Chan fans. Jackie Chan delivers a creditable performance in this film as Inspector Chan, who fights off his own devil to nab the gang that killed his associates. The film is directed by Benny Chan who has earlier done Who Am I, with Jackie Chan. The film also stars Nicholas Tse as Jackie?s associate and Daniel Wu as the leader of the bank robbery gang.

The film starts off on a sober note, with a drunken Inspector Chan (Jackie Chan) lying unconscious on an alley. He is found by a stranger (Nicholas Tse) who rescues him and brings him to his senses. Jackie has taken one year leave due to the failure of his mission to nab the bank robbery group and also resulted in the death of his associates. The gang consists of mostly young spoilt rich brats, who steal money as a hobby and consider Police as their prime enemy. During one of their theists, they even ask an employee to inform the Police about the robbery, injure and kill many officers in the shoot out.

We come to realize about Inspector Chan?s misery, when a story unfolds in the background when Inspector Chan loses out his associates one by one. These scenes have terrific action sequence and an emotional factor which is not very much associated with Jackie Chan films. The scenes leading up to Jackie?s one to one combat with Tin Tin (the group?s martial arts expert) and with Joe in assembling the dismantled gun. Jackie does justice to both his emotional and action scenes. Watch out for the scene when he cries, when he is held responsible for the death of his men. You will surely get moved by the performance of Jackie Chan.

I believe I have watched most of Jackie Chan?s movies, but this one is entirely different. As always, he has done the action sequences astonishingly. Be it his first encounter with the terrorist group in the warehouse, or the chasing sequence when he goes after Joe?s girlfriend or the climax fight where he still shows everybody that he is the best. He is like a good bottle of wine, which gets better by the age. His acting prowess is put to best test in many scenes, especially where he tries to save her girlfriend by de-activating the bomb, Jackie has come off with flying colors.

Daniel Wu as Joe and Nicholas Tse as Jackie?s associate Frank, have done their part well. Especially Wu, gives a good performance as a guy who is not able to meet up his dad?s expectations and also being the leader of the gang. The movie is held tight by Jackie?s performance and revolves mostly around him. If there is any drawback, there are too many flashbacks in the movie and in a way it hinders the pace of the film. Also, Frank?s character is loosely woven, when he claims to be a PC and the entire department does not know about this newcomer. If you leave this all behind, the movie is very entertaining and good to watch.

I would say, if you are a Jackie Chan fan, you would surely love this movie!


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