10 Powerful Tips How to Improve Creativity

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Reatifitas embedded in ourselves we do have to always be developed, because the person can explore the potential creativity that has been held in itself sendiri.Bahkan with creativity, people not only to explore the potential of self but also many successful people out there who achieved success only with creativity skills they have.


With a creative person also become familiar with the work, avoid feeling lazy and extravagant. Well, how’s the easy way increase the creativity that is in us? Here are some easy steps that we can learn to improve yourself creativity.

1. Positive Thinking

The more positive your thinking, make you more confident and optimistic in the face of problems. Next you will be more creative in finding solutions to all your problems. Get used to you saying “Yes this is an opportunity to become better” in the face of an obstacle.

2. Write your trouble

Write down everything related to your challenge, what causes you stress? What do you worry about? Why are not you happy? This does not mean negative thinking, but by writing it down you will then think to find a way out of problems.

3. Always ask

Do not be too easily satisfied with short answers of your problems. Practice is also to address a problem or question from a different angle. For example, your business is declining, why decline? why sales declining? what because a growing number of competitors? or as diminishing the quality of your products? With the more questions you can make, then you will be encouraged to become more creative to find a solution.

4. Define Limits

You should be able to identify what are the limits you to resolve your problem. Then you have to find alternatives solutions in accordance with the limits you have.  It is intended to reduce the failure of the efforts you are doing, so you’re developing creativity can grow as expected.

5. Do Decision

Chose the best decision when you compare with other alternatives.

Do not procrastinate because this decision will affect less well on your passion in improving the creativity that you are doing.

Apply decisions with a spirit that the decision will take you to the point of success is higher.

6. Make Plans

You should prepare a plan if the evaluation results the best decision you do not fit with your original goals.

This is to minimize the deviation from the original purpose of that plan that we created earlier can be achieved as expected.

7. Measurement Set

You must set the size to achievement of your goals to date. How do you know that you’ve had success? It is very important because as a benchmark for how much success you achieve in business you do.

8. Dare to take risks

You must have the courage to face all the risks and outcomes of the decisions you have made.

Dare to take risks is a very appropriate step to develop the creativity that we have.

With souls have dared to take risks that means we dare to fight on the ground in trying to develop creativity.

We must dare to win meals also must have the courage to lose because every effort must be successful there are only two options ie Fail or Succeed.

9. Determine deadlines

You must specify a deadline of all your goals. Suppose you want next year to have annual income of 120 million / year. Next you have to break down what you do every month, every day, every hour, even every minute to reach your goals.

10. You need to Take Action

Priorities Define your goal. The faster you and your goals more clearly, the more creative you in achieving your goals. You will also have more energy and time to learn. The more learn the faster you can develop yourself and your capabilities to achieve something better for your future.


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