What To Look Out For In The Best Android Tablet

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The successful launch of Apple’s iPad marked the new era of tablet PC market. Most computer hardware manufacturers acknowledged the possibility of the existence of a large market for the product and came up with general guidelines. The guidelines pointed that the best android tablet PC should be light, should be portable and affordable. It should also be fast enough for routine tasks as web surfing, email, tweeting and facebooking. As a user, there are guidelines which I have outlined in this article which can assist you in picking your best android tablet.

Processor: The heart of a computer device is in the processor. The higher the processor’s speed, the minimal the delays; it is however inevitable that a device is optimized after certain speed limits. For the best android tablet PC, a speed of 1GHz remarkably optimizes the device and you should look for this.

Display and Resolution: This is highly dependent on the function to which you would intend to subject your tablet to. The popular existing display sizes are 7 inch and 10 inch. If you would like to have a portable device which you would carry around, a 7 inch screen would serve quite well. In case you intend to use your tablet indoors and would like to enjoy a large screen, then you can go for a 10 inch tablet.

Internet 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi: This is also dependent on the usage intentions. In case you need to have full time internet access, then a 3G supported tablet would serve you best. However, 4G is available now and you can consider going for this technology. For Wi-Fi supported tablets, you will be subjected to accessing internet access at various places where it would be available such as libraries, coffee shops, airports, among others. These internet access features will allow you to enjoy the internet services you would require.

RAM, SD slot and Storage: The RAM allows you to run various programs and applications with a given ease. The bigger the RAM memory, the better the operation of the tablet PC. The best RAM memory for you tablet should be 512Mb or higher. This should be able to serve you quite well.

Touch screen: Is it Resistive or Captive? I would prefer Captive over a Resistive screen. However, there are those who prefer Resistive. It would therefore depend on you. The difference is that a Captive screen detects touch when it comes in contact with an electric conductor such as the human body. A resistive screen on the other hand detects touch when pressure is detected on the screen. This works better if you are using your finger nails or pointed object. It would be recommended to ensure that your tablet has a multi-finger zoom.

Camera and Video recording:  I tend to advocate for the necessity of at least the front camera for video chat purposes. The other options would not be as powerful but dependent on the other advantages you would want to enjoy.

These features should be able to help you choose the best android tablet you would intend to have. These should be able to provide you with the best abilities that you would require for your routine computer activities at the best optimized levels possible.

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