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There are some questions regarding online article writing. What is “Online Article Writing” anyway? Online article writing is not different from your usuall writing activity in schools, it’s just that in online article writing, you written articles, once approved shall be published online where lots of visitors and potential clients might see and notice them unlike in school where you articles most of the time end up being thrown inside the trashcan after being read by some professors, friends and classmates. 

Starting your venture on online article writing could be hard. It may lead you to many confusions but, all deserving works also deserves deserving rewards. As a reward for their efforts, online article writers share a percentage of revenue on their every published articles. Some are not earning that much or just enough but there are also some who are earning fortunes. Either way, online article writing could be lot of fun and can further enhace your creativity, journalism and writing skill. Also, your written articles could be republished on several websites and blogs thus will earn you more recognition and hopefully earn more revenue.

To get more revenue from your articles, your articles should be unique, high quality content, and keyword rich. Writing more of these kinds of articles can earn you a lot for the more you write, the more you will likely earn. But if you want to be an expert article writer, focus more on your writing skills. This might sound wierd but those who are earning fortunes from online article writing just simply love to write and not so eager to earn money. They are those who have passion in writing and so they are able to create more hight quality original content from several ways of life. In effect, the more they generate high quality articles, the more they earn. 

Also keep in mind that are rules or guidelines that must be followed in order for your articles to be published. Before writing any articles, it is wise read some FAQ or writing guidelines first so that you won’t much get frustrated when your article doesn’t pass. But don’t worry if your articles don’t pass since you can edit it anytime. Having some mistakes sometimes makes us learn.


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