Astrology Affects Your Aspiring Diet Program Started on Tuesdays

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Recently, British researches have revealed that dieters who start their weight loss dieting program on a Tuesday are most likely to lose their resolve within a week. Moreover, they turn heavier than they had been before starting their dieting attempt.

What is Tuesday defect?

Tuesday defect, Kuja Dosha or Manglic dosha (Chevva dosham in South Indian languages) is an astrological effect of Tuesday that affects human conditions. Vedic astrologers attribute the influence of planet Mars for this defect. Most of the Indians believe that persons born on Tuesday have this defect which has many ill effects. This is devastating to marital proposals. Thousands of Indian girls are affected by this in finding suitable bridegrooms. It is said that it can be rectified if two persons born on Tuesdays marry. The same attitude is reflected in many aspects of social life in India.

British study on weight loss diet started on Tuesdays

survey poll was conducted on 2,000 British women to find out if starting weight loss diet on Tuesday has any adverse effect. The study was commissioned by Tesco Diet for one year. When the results were analyzed after one year, it found that Tuesday is the worst day of the week to start weight loss dietprogram. Because dieters who start on a Tuesday are most likely to lose their resolve within a week and end up in gaining weight. It also found that those who began their weight loss dieting on a Sunday or Monday could reduce their weight considerably. Does it prove that what Vedic astrologers say about Tuesday is true?

Is there any psychological effect on Tuesday start?

One of the Tesco Diets spokesmen said that starting diet scheme on a Tuesday has more psychological effects than astrological ones. He said, “Psychologically, dieters are more motivated to continue if they start afresh at the beginning of the week.” The study revealed that Sunday dieters lost an average of 8lb over three weeks.

No need of any Tuesday superstition

In fact, changing one’s eating habits is really a hard challenge whatever day of the week. Modern women are struggling with so many things from daily chores to hectic office works. Tuesday may the busiest and most taxing day for them. Hence there is no need to add any superstitious tag to Tuesday start. It is not ideal to start a weight loss diet program on a Tuesday as it needs to balance work and life. Also it needs mental and physical preparation which is easier on weekends. 


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