The Elimination of Life Force

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Now we proceed to the final stage of life-force exchange known as elimination. This is probably the least understood and most neglected phase of our life cycle. We continuously eliminate in many ways and forms. There are two basic classifications of elimination, the elimination of matter, and the emanation or radiance of energy. The processes of eliminating energy/matter are just ways that the body releases converted and non-convertible life force. 80% of the function of your body is detoxification. That means 80% of your health is determined by your quality and quantity of elimination. Foods that we cannot fully neutralize and eliminate accumulate in the tissues causing obesity, cancer, heart disease and other degenerative diseases. This elimination is accomplished through the physical signs perspiration, urination, respiration, defecation, temperature regulation, sneezing, coughing, fever, mucous drainage, bleeding, and vomiting. It is through these processes that your body eliminates waste and fights disease.

A skilled health professional can tell by the intensity of these processes how overloaded your systems are, and will recommend a course of action to re-establish a normal state of balance known as homeostasis. The most important thing we can do is to try to avoid overloading our systems, keep our channels of elimination open, and refrain from suppressing the process of elimination with medications, as this only causes further overloading of toxic waste. Otherwise, this will increase the likelihood of return and the severity of any disease. Also, as drugs suppress the functioning of the body, they often contribute to other conditions and degenerative diseases worse than that for which you are being treated (pharma means poison). When all the reported causes of death by “modern medicine” are combined, the total for 2002 was 786,000 people in the United States alone. That is the equal to a Twin Towers bombing twice a week for the year! I would recommend reading Death by Medicine* to get the reported information. Realize that adverse event reports (AER’s) for vaccines only averages about 7% among doctors in some studies, so be sure to figure that as well in realizing how many more deaths there may be that are not reported. Except for emergency medicine to repair your broken body and the immediate life threatening conditions when you need a good doctor, I would just say no to drugs and most medical procedures!

To increase your awareness of the need to eliminate, I recommend that you read Dr. Blaylock’s book Excitotoxins; The Taste That Kills,* and begin to get a grasp on what is happening to our food supply and how it affects you. Also, you can go to my website at to see some other things can be done on your own to detoxify your inner and outer environment.

The emanation of energy (radiance) is the expression of converted life force. These emanations of life force are known as your temperature, odor, and vibrations, otherwise known historically as your aura. The aura is a sea of energy expressing the quality and quantity of your life force while interacting with all of creation. The aura is a result and a reflection of all stimuli encountered, be it from the food you eat, your interaction with your environment, or your mental/emotional concepts. Among its many factors, your aura consists of the electrical impulses and magnetic fields generated via your thoughts and emotions from your brain to all the cells in your body, the temperature generated by the interaction of your metabolism, and odors from chemical interactions as they move out from your body and several others that science is now measuring and confirming. These are commonly known as the “vibes” we get from another person.

This emanation of energy interacts with our environment and feeds back to the brain via the senses to adjust and adapt to its environment millions of times a second with trillions of bits of information. This creates the ever-changing tapestry of our lives, determining our experience of life and resultant health or illness. This emanation is part of your contribution to the world.  It is the interaction of your thoughts, feelings, actions, air, water, and food being processed and recycled.  We call it life.

I have found that this emanation of life is a cycle of thought to emotion, emotion to action, action to breathing, breathing to drinking, and drinking to eating. The eating and drinking gives us our raw physical materials to construct and rebuild our bodies and the breath powers these processes. All three of these feed back to the mind and directly influences our thoughts, feelings, and actions via chemical and electromagnetic input to and from the brain. I have found the ratio of influence in this cycle of factors is 40% thoughts, 20% emotions, 20% actions, 10% air, 7% water, and 3% food. Each is critical and interdependent upon each other in determining our experience of life and can lead us to health or disease as they affect each other simultaneously. The choices are ours to make as to what we put on and into our bodies, minds, and hearts.


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