Indonesian National Team U-23 Defeated by Malaysia

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SEA Games, Indonesia national team must recognize the benefits of Malaysia with a final game score of 0-1 in Group A. With this result, Indonesia also had to settle for status as a runner-up and had to fight the winner of Group B Vietnam in the semi-finals.

Malaysia scored the winning goal striker Syahrul Azhari Ibrahim in the first half. Malaysia has the right to win the group with nicks 10 points and Indonesia lags behind a kernel of points as a result of this defeat. In the semifinal, Malaysia will be met Myanmar who was runner-up Group B.

Compete at the Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK), Senayan, Thursday, November 17, 2011, coach Rahmad Darmawan indeed save some pillars in the first round players including goalkeeper Kurnia Mega.

The result, Malaysia appear more dominant by creating several golden opportunities throughout the first half. Malaysia midfield also looks so comfortable playing the game tempo.

And Indonesia must be willing behind 0-1 on 17 minutes through goals Syahrul Zahari. Utilizing a breakthrough bait, Syahrul had escaped from the off-side trap by combing the left side of defense Indonesia Indonesia before finally break down the wicket keeper who escorted Andritany Ardhiyasa.

Malaysia likely to double their advantage on 24 minutes. Starting from a corner kick, Asraruddin son Omar managed to break the hard headed toward the goal Indonesia. Lucky to still hit the ball defender Hendro Siswanto who stood just under the crossbar.

Indonesia is trying to demonstrate the game quickly by relying on Titus Bonai and Yongki Aribowo has difficulty penetrating the defense team made by Ong Kim Swee. Players Indonesia too often lose the ball throughout the first half.

Indeed Malaysia is again threatened on 31 minutes. Luckily Izzaq Faris Ramlan late to meet a cross ball which finally disposed of Jericho Christiantoko and just gave birth to a corner kick. Until halftime score 0-1 to Malaysia’s advantage remains.

In the second half, Indonesia immediately appear aggressive. Opportunities for the opportunities created Titus Bonai and Ferdinand Sinaga early in the first round failed to produce results. Indonesia tries to confine the meeting Malaysia’s defense.

At minute 47, Ferdinand Sinaga chance to equalize after a free-standing in front of goal Malaysia. But less than perfect shot while trying to meet a cross. At minute 54, Titus Bonai also successfully fired horizontally. Unfortunately, the ball beyond the goalkeeper thin Malaysia.

So also with a header on 55 minutes Luke Mandowen are still capable of controlled goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi Che Mat. Tensions game heats up with hard violations of both camps. In fact, coach Ong Kim Swee Malahysia be red-carded on 68 minutes after a strong protest against the referee’s decision.

Indonesia continued to create some opportunities in Malaysia while the rest of the game tends to wait and occasional counterattack. At 78 minutes, starting from a corner kick, Diego Michel newly inserted mid-second half managed to send the ball forward Okto. Unfortunately header Okto also failed to produce results.

Garuda Young created last chance in injury time. But again failed to break down the goal Ferdinand Sinaga Malaysia because his shot was too weak to be easily controlled by goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi Che Mat. As a result of this 1-0 score lasted until the game was over.

Indonesia: Andritany Ardhiyasa, Jericho Christiantoko, Septia Hadi (Diego Michiels, 50 ‘), Abdul Rahman, Hendro Siswanto, Luke Mandowen (Maniani Octavianus, 75’), Mahadirga Lasut (Egi Melgiansyah, 61 ‘), Ramdani Lestaluhu, Ferdinand Sinaga, Titus Bonai, Yongki Aribowo

Malaysia: Khairul Fahmi, Asraruddin Son Omar, Mahali Jasuli, Mohd Shas, Muslim Ahmad, Fandi Othman, Baddrol Bakhtiar, Naiz Faiz Mansor (Saarany, 78 ‘), Irfan Fazail (Gurusamy, 59’), Wan Zakaria (Ibrahim, 11 ‘ ), Faris Ramlan


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