The Ecstasy of Eating

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Now that we have guidelines on what to eat and how to prepare it, we move on to how we can eat for optimal results.  First, we would want to “bless” our food or attune ourselves to the process of digestion. The important thing about blessing your food is that it is for the food and you. It is not about world peace, Johnny’s bedwetting or grandma’s hearing. Although these may be good causes for prayer, we need to focus upon our food and our relationship with it when eating.

Personally, I like to place my hands around my plate and ask God to send his Light through me and into the food charging myself and my food with his divine love to cleanse, clear and renew my body in health with this food. During this prayer I visualize the Light flowing through me and into the food. Offering humble thankfulness to all the beings that have contributed to the growth, development and sacrifice to bring the food to your plate is also very good for attuning and works well for those who do not believe in God. Whatever you choose to do in “connecting” with your food and its digestion is fine as long as it is about the interaction of you and the food. This brings all of your awareness into what you are doing, thus improving your digestion and creating an almost magical experience in your day every time you eat. Eating is one of the most intimate experiences of our lives and it would be wise to treat it as a sacred act.

The next step is actually eating what we have selected and prepared. This can be a truly enjoyable experience, for enlightened is the way of the connoisseur. The most important thing in eating is that it is all that is done; the act is given complete attention. This means eliminating TV, gossip, politics, and talking while chewing other than to praise each morsel of food. To fully experience this ecstasy, cut a bite-sized portion of food and raise it to your nose, close your eyes and inhale the aroma, allowing it to travel throughout your entire being. Place the morsel upon your tongue and hold it there for a moment savoring the initial flavor burst. Begin chewing and experience the flavor changes until the food becomes completely liquid nectar, whereupon it releases its ultimate flavor and is ready to be swallowed. Then open your eyes and speak if necessary. If the food is not good for you at that time, it will taste worse and worse until you want to spit it out. Being conscious of the food you eat and how you eat it is one of the greatest “secrets” of better health and weight control.

Science supports this method, as it is the olfactory nerve of the nose and the taste buds of the tongue that signal the proper secretion of enzymes for digestion. Complete liquefaction is necessary to fully digest the food, as our stomachs have no teeth or taste buds. Fruits and vegetables begin their digestion in the mouth and it is critical to chew them until liquid, or they can beat you up with gas and discomfort the whole way through. Only thoroughly digested food can efficiently rebuild and fuel your body. Incompletely digested foods create massive inflammation in the body, allergic reactions, and waste deposits leading to most known diseases.

    The extra time necessary to chew food combined with the increased nutritional uptake, reduces the amount of food needed to satisfy our hunger leading to more efficient weight control, energy, sleep, emotional stability, and mental clarity. Consuming excess cooked food tends to use up our digestive fluids and our capability for producing them, as well as creating toxic byproducts and difficult to digest mangled proteins. However, supplementing with a good digestive enzyme product* can help rebuild your system and aid your digestion of cooked foods.


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