An Adwords Introduction: For Beginners

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What is PPC and Where are the Ads Displayed?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. Basically you only pay money when someone clicks on your ad. It’s a very cost effective method of advertising and has brilliant tracking to see how your ad is performing (try getting that with a billboard or magazine ad). Google AdWords is the mother of them all.

You can choose to have your ads displayed on the search network or the display network. The search network would be the ads on the right hand side when you search for something on Google. The Display Network is the AdSense ads you see on websites and such.

Search network ads are text based and display network ads are usually images or video.

Why Marketers Love PPC

  • Easy to setup… everything is done right online

  • You can laser target your buyers and prospects so you’re not wasting money

  • You get immediate results

  • You are in control of your campaign

  • You can alter your ads and campaigns based on the data that is available to you in AdWords

Setting Up Your First Ad on Google AdWords-

  1. Go to the Google AdWords website and set up your account. There are instructions on exactly how to do this on the AdWords site. Google can do a much better job at explaining this.

  2. If you are going to do a video ad make sure you have the video ready

  3. Do keyword research using the Google Keyword Tool or Market Samurai

  4. Create a Campaign

  5. Choose the locations in the world you want to target

  6. Create an Ad Group

  7. Write your ad copy or build your display ad using the display ad builder tool. Write relevant copy to the page you are linking to

  8. Input your keywords

  9. Determine what your daily budget is for this Ad Group

  10. Finish and wait for approval (Can take several days for approval with new accounts)

FYI- Google has many rules on what they allow in your ad and the quality, content, and relevance of the site your ad is linking to. Please read the AdWords Advertising Policies first.

AdWords Strategies

  • Use the Display Network for lower costs and easier ad approval

  • Have a campaign for the Display Network and a separate campaign for the Search Network

  • Try and have more than 25 keywords per ad group

  • Use broad, phrase, and exact match for your keywords

  • Place Keyword in headline and once more in ad if possible

  • Use negative keywords to filter out keywords you don’t want

  • Start your bids high, then drop the cost

  • Capitalize the first letter of every word for easier reading

  • Make sure to include the “benefit” of your offer in the ad

  • Review and track the results… adjust under-performing ads to make them better

The goal with paid advertising is to make more money than it costs you to advertise. If you can get a handle on AdWords and start trading 10 cents for 15 cents and then ramp it up to 100k for 150k, you will be all set!

I hope this article has helped you in starting your first AdWords Campaign.

Good luck!


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