Selection of Food

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There is a lot of controversy about what foods should be eaten, and each group of proponents has its own expert who will defend that particular point of view while attacking all others. We must be free from rigid concepts and learn to experience growth of knowledge from all levels. The best way I have found is to follow common sense. As discussed earlier, we eat food for the release of energy (life-force) contained in it. Due to our own unique vibrational atomic structure, only certain foods and portions thereof are convertible to energy by our physical bodies. Each piece of food varies in its content of useable life force, even if it is from the same plant. This is due to three main reasons.

First, the environment contributing to the growth of the food such as the condition of the soil or water, its composition of the elements, seasonal changes, and exposure to pollutants, determines the content of usable life force. Secondly, the moment you eat a bite of food, the need of the body changes and assimilates less and less of the following pieces of food. This is known as the principle of decreasing returns or law of entropy. Thirdly, each of us is bio-chemically unique, and our need for and energetic interaction with each nutrient will be different to varying degrees. This need and interaction can be measured in part by a system known as Maximum Wavelength Absorption Characteristic or MWAC. MWAC is the energy given off in relation to the energy absorbed by an element. If I take an apple and cut it into five equal pieces and give it to five people, they will each process it totally different due to the MWAC of the food nutrients and the MWAC of the mineral structure in their body. Each person is unique in this MWAC and therefore no pre-set diet can be right for everyone all the time any more than everyone should only wear size five dress shoes all the time.

The process of life-force exchange (absorption, assimilation, utilization, and elimination) requires energy from the body. The more difficult any or all phases of this process become, the less net energy you will obtain per calorie, and the sooner your body will wear out.  Preservatives prevent the biological breakdown of food and steal your energy for other tasks. This is due to the excess energy required in attempting to break them down. What the body can’t breakdown and eliminate, it surrounds with fat and stores mostly in places you don’t like! As a basic rule, eat as near to the beginning of the food chain as you can. This allows for easier breakdown and greater net energy gain. The chain begins with water and flows on to fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, grains, and meats in fresh organic form, free of pesticides and genetic modification.

As humans, we wear these “energy based space suits” that we call bodies. Our bodies operate in the color band of the electro-magnetic spectrum. This color band includes everything we see and touch. Our bodies serve as sensing devices for our conscious awareness revealing these aspects of our environment.  Figure 1 (Aura/Energy Vortex Associations Chart) shows the relationship of food systems, personality aspects, the endocrine glands, the neural plexus, the musical notes, inner sounds and the color spectrum to our light energy vortexes. By using the chart we can better see how food may affect our personality and health by the dominance of a particular group. For example, the people who live in a naturally occurring environment of extremes eat mostly meats and have a relatively short life span, such as Eskimos and Cannibals. These people are almost completely functioning from the two lower energy vortexes. At the other end of the spectrum are the enlightened beings like the Christ who realized that food is pure energy, or God’s love, and were able to assimilate it as such, with no detrimental effects.      All of us operate on many different levels of conscious awareness at the same time, and our preference in food can reflect the dominance of a particular energy vortex at that time. I have found we can influence awareness by altering our diet to increase or decrease the energy interplay at whatever vortex we choose.

To give an example of how we do it subconsciously, let’s say that you have just gotten fired from your job, and your sweetheart informs you of having found someone new. This is not usually an enjoyable state of awareness and your body will compensate for it in one of three basic ways. Unfortunately, in our modern society, we usually seek out empty, devitalized foods to “numb” our feelings, or we stop eating altogether thus transferring energy to a higher vortex out of conscious or unconscious, willful denial. A third and healthier method is to eat foods that activate a higher vortex, transferring the energy interplay to a more harmonious state of vibration, or consciously go on a fast in a healing manner.


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