One Way To Receive Customers For Your Rap Beats With Google Adwords

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Looking for ways to make a quick buck online with your rap or hip hop beats? Are you tired of feeling like you don’t possess enough skill because you haven’t made any money doing what you love to do? Well I’m glad to let you know, it’s not as difficult as you believe to make a living off of your music production. There are numerous ways to take advantage of the convenient online market today, but in this article I’m only going to speak on one.

This is the most basic strategy many internet marketers use today to promote almost any product because it works. It will cost a few bucks to begin the process, but you’ll make the money back eventually. First, for any producer out there, it’s very important you own your own website, whether it be a simple “sound-click” profile or an official domain you might have created from scratch. I myself prefer using a tool known as “WordPress”. I’ll usually download the product and upload it to my own server. Doing this gives you more options when developing your site. For now, we’re going to refer to our web page as something called a “landing page”. This is the language Search Engine Optimizers use in their campaigns so it’s important to start getting use to the lingo. Once your read about word press and understand how to use it to easy create a web page, you want install it and create a very descent layout. You can probably get a good layout at for only $5 bucks!

Once the site is finished and looks great, you must add something important to it that can collect emails from visitors when they land on your page. This is known as a “opt in email” feature. You can get this feature from or simple go to “” and use their free “fan reach” feature like I do, at least until you achieve 500 subscribers or more.

You’ve probably figured out how the layout of the website is going to affect your marketing scheme. What we’re going to do is give visitors an incentive to enter their email address so we can keep marketing our music to these potential customers. In this case, our incentive is our music itself. Tell your visitors something like “Add your email today, and receive 2 beats free”! Any artist will jump on this if they’re loving your material. When they add their email, they’ll automatically receive an email with the download links.

The final step, is what we’re going to do to bring in traffic to your new website. You’ve probably heard of something called “Google AdWords”. If not, read up on it. Google AdWords is one of the top PPC networks right now and can benefit your website traffic in many ways.

Once you set up a Google AdWords account, you want to use the keyword tool and do a quick search on related key terms people type in Google everyday and see how many people type that particular key term in a month. For an example, we’ll use “Rap Beats”. There are thousands of people who search that key term a month. Your job, is to target them! So, we’re going to use Google AdWords again and create an ad campaign! This is where you’ll need a couple bucks. Once you go through creating the ad step by step, it’ll teach you how to target individuals while you’re creating the ad. The key to this is doing your own research on who types in what than targeting them to get your website ad on the front page of Google.


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