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For a lot of hydroponic growers, dealing with the same level of development season after season can be a little frustrating. Of course the goal with all hydroponic growers is to achieve bigger plants and larger yields. The sad fact is that only a handful of hydroponic growers get the most that can be achieved with their hydroponic gardens. It’s as though they reach a brick wall and cannot seem to get past it. Well this situation is 100% resolvable and you don’t need years of experience nor do you need to spend a fortune to achieve those lush plants and huge harvests.

Try some of the growth enhances below to see just how big the yields can be from your hydroponic garden.

Immune System Booster – Prevention is better than cure. ALWAYS! Now this won’t give you monster plants but it will prevent your plants from being stopped in their tracks by pathogens in either the substrate or the nutrient solution. Use an immune booster that contains salicylic acid. Once your plants have a taste of this they immediately put up their defenses to guard against a number of nasty diseases that can destroy your gardening efforts.

Root Enhancer – Just because roots are hidden away from sight it does not mean they don’t need your TLC. The better your root system the more chance your plants have of producing the yields you really want. Without good roots lighting and nutrients really won’t improve anything. One of the best decisions you can make is to use a quality root enhancer. This is a great product that uses beneficial bacteria to strengthen the roots and make the nutrients in your solution more available to your plants.

Foliar Feeding – OK…once you have a really healthy massive and complex root system there is more you can do to deliver growth enhancing nutrients to your plants. You’ll want to begin using a good quality foliar feed. Simple and easy to use just by spraying on the leaves. If you use a good humic acid and a surfactant in your foliar feed you’ll get the most out of foliar feeding.

Grow Back to Basics – Before there were loads of growth enhancers and special nutrients growers were finding ways to improve yields and growth rates with the basic tools at hand. One of the simplest and oldest tools used are pruning shears. Look below the canopy and remove all the lower branches that are under performing. By doing this it allows the nutrient solution to be used only by the best performing branches.

Adjust The Nutrient Solution – Growth enhancer increases nutrient uptake so make sure that the extra nutrient strength is there for your plants to absorb. Increase the strength gradually, a little every day or every feed. This will allow you to see what changes this will have on your plants.

If you have built an efficient hydroponics system, and want to see how big and yielding your plants can become, then invest in a quality growth enhancer. They contain numerous B vitamins, plant hormones, and other elements designed to increase plant growth and yield. But even with all of these benefits, you still need to take the proper care and make the adjustments listed above if you want to see superior results.


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