Why We Eat

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If you ask a complex person of great education in the field of nutrition the question: “Why do we eat?” you will most likely get a complex and highly educated answer. In order to save time and confusion, you might ask a simple person the same question and get the simple answer, “Because we are hungry.” Each of them is right from an individual standpoint, but it does not give us a clear and easily understood explanation.

When one feels hungry, the body is saying that certain portions of the body have been depleted, and usually the individual responds by eating. It is a seemingly simple process of common sense, yet the confusion arises when it comes down to what we eat, how we eat it, what it does for us, what it does to us, and how we get rid of it.

To see our way through this muddle, we must first comprehend food in the terms of light, or energy1. The only difference between any two objects is the rate of vibration that forms the molecular structure. This book, your food, and even the human body are composed of the same elements of the earth. The difference is the rate of vibration that forms the molecular structures and elements into specific patterns to make any object. This vibrational rate is controlled by, and reacts to energy. This principle can be seen when we apply energy in the form of heat to water by changing ice to liquid and then to vapor. The heat energy changes the molecular structure by the speeding up of vibration and the resultant re-arrangement of atoms occurs by the inherent nature of the energy contained within the sub-atomic particles.

We eat our food for the energy contained within it. That energy is released when we break it down through digestion.  If we eat a pound of food, we will eliminate a pound of waste if we are healthy adults. Yet if we are a growing child, we can eat a pound of food and may gain three. An interesting example of this natural process is when a tiny seed is planted in five pounds of dirt and given the 5 gallons of water it requires over three years and it grows a tree to weigh 150 lbs. The dirt still weighs 5 pounds and the water accounts for 40 lbs. for a total of 45 lbs. From where did the remaining 105lbs come? That riddle science still cannot completely figure out and prove as it seems to violate principles of energy conservation and thermal dynamics. Oh yes, there is the Krebbs cycle, but that only explains the renewing of things, not the spontaneous generation of elements. I believe the explanation lies in the yet unexplained release of inherent or sub atomic energy within food combined with the inherent energy of our body, which takes and transforms the things we eat – renewing our bodily parts, powering our processes, and eliminating our wastes. The book Biological Transmutations, by Lewis Kervan* will help further explain some parts of these phenomena. There are many books available on condensed matter physics that can be helpful for exploring a possible basis of understanding in the sub atomic realm. However, most is theoretical and speculative at this time, but the soon to be completed CERN accelerator may reveal this kind of information via breaking hadronic containment.

Your trillions of cells have trillions of variables affecting their vibrational rates and help create the unique and ever changing “symphony” known as you. This is your “song of life.” Therefore diet (and all other things) will always be your own unique and changing experience to lovingly embrace and live. Have fun with it by loving it.

Now that we have a basic model of the interplay of energy within the body, we need to gain an additional insight on energy as consciousness. Some might say that gravity or electricity is an example of energy, but this is not fully accurate. These are but expressions of energy such as a force or a form of change. Energy, as used in this book, is best described as that which gives life. It has no beginning or end. All is created from it, and without it nothing is made. Only its forms and effects can be measured or perceived. Energy, in its primary essence, cannot be conceived or measured for it is beyond conception and is infinite, as energy is a manifestation of God. This last concept may be hard for some people of fundamentalist religious perspective, and some scientists to readily accept. However, virtually all religions and science tell the same story of creation: The immediate mani­festation of light from the nothingness via sound, i.e. God spoke and said “Let there be light,” or science’s “Big Bang” event theory. The details past that point describe the Light’s evolution of energetic interplay in physical terms that people of various cultures and times could understand.

    When God appeared to humans, the appearance was usually described in forms of light energy such as a burning bush or a blinding light. Throughout religious history examples of this can be seen in the Christ appearing to Saul as a blinding white light, or the teaching of John the Baptist in John 1:6-9 when he said; “I have come to bear witness of the Light, the Light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world.”

    The book of St. John tells of creation in the same terms of physics as described in the last paragraph of the previous page. Change “Him” to “energy” in the following quote of John 1:3-4 to help grasp this understanding. “All things were made by Him (energy); and without Him (energy) was not anything made that was made. In Him (energy) was life and that life was the light of men.” In the following chapters we shall delve deeper into the effects of foods on our body, mind and spirit as the condensed forms of light that they are within the electromagnetic spectrum. This interplay of energy we already know about occurs at the speed of light (186,000 mps), the speed of sound (cellular resonance – 2,000mph), and the speed of the nervous system (app. 90mph.) This is helpful in that we do not have to think about or know all the processes for them to occur, just enjoy the self discovery of what already is.

Science and religion both point to the fact that our bodies are swirling vortexes of energetic potential assembling as a manifested space suit. Each body has seven major vortexes that can be thought of like a tornado or spinning wheel. They open up or close down, and speed up or slow down to regulate the interplay of energy much like flowers in response to light. We can use the awareness of these seven vortexes for our personal expression of life force. Each of these interacting vortexes has a predominate level of consciousness and works with the other six to help maintain homeostasis both energetically and physically. The following chapter will give you some examples as to how you can use this awareness in your diet and other parts of your life that are intertwined.


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