Diets And Exercises For Quick Weight Loss

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Diets and exercise for quick weight loss is tempting and exciting. When we talk about exercises the best exercise for weight loss is, which burn quick calories from your body and more you burn the calories ultimately quicker the rate of weight loss. In the category of exercises for weight loss plan the best one are aerobic exercises. Regarding to the diet which aids us to loss the weight is not much nutritionally sound. Several types of diets are available which includes south beach diet, HCG diet, cabbage soup diet and many others.

Here is a brief description about some useful aerobic exercises which are helpful in weight loss. Biking is an important and effective exercise for weight loss. According to some health website the top exercise for consuming calories is biking at speed of 20mph. The activity burn almost 0.16 calories form per pound of our body weight in very minute, For example if a biker is running his bicycle at the rate of 20 mph for an hour then he is consuming 1440 calories which is handsome amount of weight loss. Running is another quick way to loss your weight at steady rate. In running 10mph speed is very effective to consume enough amounts of energy and calories. Running and biking are both consider equivalent effective for weight loss. Stair running is another way to burn you calories in effective manners. This activity burns almost 0.15 calories from per pound of body weight in every minute. Going upstairs is more effective for calories burning because going downstairs is much easier and require less amount of work.

When we talk about diet plan the south beach diet is very effective. The creator of this diet is Dr Arthur Agatston. The diet helps in losing weight up to 13 lbs in first 2 weeks. It involves nutritionally balanced program of eating which ultimately results in rapid weigh loss. The main focus of this particular diet is on healthy carbohydrates uptake includes whole grain, brown rice, pasta and bread. In this diet there are three step by step phases, in first phase uptake of carbohydrates and sugar contents are avoided you can eat meat, vegetables nuts and cheese for two weeks. After that you enter into the second phase in this phase little amount of carbohydrates and sugar can be used and duration of this phase ends until you achieve your desire weight loss. The remaining 3rd phase is actually the maintenance procedure for your whole life.  


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