Facebook Versus Google And Other Poems

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Facebook Versus Google

This is  indeed a point

In our lives our predecessors

Will forever envy

A world now

Full of great technologies

Beautiful skycrapers,

Nice cozy environment

And great architure

Here now comes the battle

Among the giants

Google Versus Facebook

My google brings me happiness

My google brings me joy

My google knows no boundaries

Just like my facebook

Google brings me blogger

Google brings me great searching on the go.

Google  brings me Freedom

And enlightens me.

With my facebook,

I know what love is really is.

Facebook makes one look great amidst multitudes

Facebook brings about friendship

And unites each and everyone of us.

So who is who?

Facebook or Google?

The  Politician

He’s a wheeler he’s a dealer and a stealer and a thief

His lack of guilt and conscience is just beyond belief

His invective is defective, a collective load of bull

He wants your pockets empty so his coffers will be full

He connives and he deprives and he survives using his wit

He is a patronising bugger and a two faced hypocrite

He’s a preacher, a beseecher and a creature of the dark

He has the morals of a vulture and the menace of a shark

He is vicious and capricious and suspicious of all men

He will bleed you to the marrow, then bleed you once again

He’s impure, he’s insecure, and he will lure you to his pack

He’ll encourage you to join him and then stab you in the back

He is profligate, a reprobate, a candidate for power

He’ll give you bad advice and then charge you by the hour

He’s critical and political, and is typical of his kind

He’s a devious politician with a twisted, cunning mind

 Ghadafi’s Last words


hanging in the air

tapping on the pane


than it was before

calling out Gadhafi name


pulsing out a beat

like a bulging vein


cutting through the night

like an express train


aching in my head

bursting in my brain


seeping from his eyes

driving him insane


Gadafi therefore becoming histotry

Amidst loud shouts of

please ‘Don’t shoot me’


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