Long Code – Unified Communication And Marketing Tool

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Hand held devices such as mobile phones, palmtops and tablets have revolutionized the way we communicate. Today, more and more people are shifting towards these high tech mobile devices. But one thing is common with all these gadgets; short message service or SMS.

SMS feature is an integral part of mobile platform.  
Devices may evolve, costs may wary but SMS will continue to rule these communication tools.

Like handheld devices, even SMS service has come of age. This inconspicuous feature of mobile phone has turned into a leading marketing tool. Surprised? Then read on to know how SMS is fast becoming the choice of every industry, to market its products and services.

There has been a rapid increase in the Bulk SMS Service Providers in India. They play an important role in the mobile marketing arena. They are the people who provide the software, database of mobile phone subscribers and SMS credits to send text based marketing campaigns to opt-in mobile phone users. The setup does not use a mobile phone to do the task. On the contrary sending bulk SMS or mass SMS is done via Internet.

Sending SMS via internet is easy and affordable. It uses mobile operator’s gateway to accomplish this task.

The role of providers is to lease gateways from network operators, develop a suitable web-based or desktop application to send multiple messages with the click of the button.

A Virtual Mobile Number is handy for a variety of reasons. These are special numbers which are not directly associated with a telephone line. These numbers are typically used for call forwarding; to another location which could be another city or a country.  One of its major users are call centers and after sales service centers. The call forwarding is generally done via VOIP internet service to reduce the call charge.

As mentioned above these numbers do not have any physical instrument attached to it. They are just the link between incoming calls and the target destination. Virtual numbers can be used by individuals, small businesses and even big organizations.

Long Code also called long number is typically a 10-digit mobile number which functions just like short code. However, there is one big difference. Whereas short code attracts premium SMS rates, an SMS to long number is charged at national rate.

Application areas for long numbers are as follows:

1.    It is extensively used for international competitions and voting, generally television and radio.

2.    Feedbacks and promotions – For products and services.

The advantages of long numbers are as follows:

1.    Easy to deploy and maintain

2.    Can be used for calling, text messaging, faxing, email.

3.    No carrier approvals needed.

4.    Global reach.

5.    Don’t need to lease approval.

Unlike short numbers, long numbers are cost effective and provide a great way to interact with your customers. Long numbers allows various telecommunication services to work in a unified manner, which includes messaging, calling, faxing and email.

Long numbers are also great for marketing tasks. This avenue is new but the future looks extremely bright; an amazing communication and marketing tool.


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