Is Makeup Containing Hazardous Components?

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Did you know that many of the big cosmetic companies produce makeup products harmful ingredients that can damage your face? Many women use makeup in their daily lives. Most of that case, the use of make-up during the celebration. Whether you are completely make up your face every morning, or just a little ‘lipstick-wearing holiday parties involved, it is important to use products that are safe for the skin. Learn how to eliminate these potentially dangerous chemicals, is important.

Why do companies use dangerous products? In short, every company has a sole objective of making money. Cosmetic ingredients that are harmful are often the cheapest option for the make-up that is produced. Harmful ingredients to create a beautiful product, in some cases. What they do not tell me that beautiful new eye shadow after shadow, you may experience skin problems.

Fortunately, many companies realize that consumers are becoming experts on the products they buy, especially in products used to clean up or face. Our facial skin is sensitive, so it is important to use the best products available. If you want cheap products and high-end cosmetics, lotions, dyes and other things at your disposal, which has no harmful chemicals in their ingredients list.

Some common ingredients harmful in makeup to look out for the purchase of products for use on our faces include methyl, propyl, butyl, and Ethyl. These are known toxins and cause allergic reactions in many people. These chemicals are extremely cheap, so often used to kill any bacterial growth in your product. Many companies use them.

Also watch Propylene Glycol and DMDM ​​Hydrantoin. These products are used in antifreeze! Products like these have been linked to kidney and abnormal liver function and can cause permanent damage to organs.

As mentioned earlier, be very careful what you put your lips. Most synthetic dyes, such as C Yellow 6, are dangerous to skin and body, and when you put this chemical on the lips, which are essentially eating the poison. When this can not influence, but after the lipstick for a long time, you can start to hear the results. It ‘s like smoking cigarettes every day!

To be sure, just ask your dermatologist or family doctor has recommended that some standard products to be used. Make sure you choose the makeup does not contain harmful substances, and that is sure to keep your skin healthy – healthy skin will look younger and happier you feel.


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