"au Natural" – Look Natural Better

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A good rule to use when putting on makeup is to prove that you do not actually put on makeup. Common terms for today’s look is minimalist, naked, pure, natural – each of them means “less is more.” Aspect is the natural way to go.

“Au Natural”

Way to get a completely natural look is to use the “invisible” make-up products.

With the relaxed lifestyle and easy to live today, it would be appropriate to have a “made up” look. Beauty products that are currently used to create a fresh look and inner glow.

The goal is to appear as if you are wearing no makeup when using the most subtle nuances and shades of cosmetics. A look can be achieved using a pure base matches the color of the skin. The application of a lighter or darker than the foundation of the true color of your skin will create a natural appearance.

Then use a light shade of lipstick to give you this look cool and moist.

Take a look at some other beauty products that will give you that “au naturel” look:

1. No foundation – these rules are those that will give you the “nude” color, depending on your skin, creating the illusion of not wearing a foundation.

Second Light tinted moisturizer – moisturize your skin has never been funnier. You can wear these lightweight moisturizer under your makeup tinted to add to your “au naturel” look.

Look for brands that protect the skin. Moisturizers can be used under makeup perfect pure color and color of your skin that gives you a place without looking.

3. Nude lip gloss or lipstick – and a natural look, use a product that gives shine to lips.

You can use the lip gloss alone or over lipstick different, but the light tone. Your goal is to appear as if the lipstick is just there.

4. Invisible make-up products – the eye shadow, lip color, eyebrow pencils of light, blush, and many other beauty products, which will give you that fresh, just look at “out-of-bed”.

Using the appropriate application, you can be a natural, minimalist look that shows the real you.

Today’s woman wants to be accepted for who and what it is. By conducting an “au naturel” look, you can show the world its true – a woman who is not afraid to be herself and wants to be loved for who is under the cover of small ornaments.


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