Bag Manufacturing Industry Trends

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Bag manufacturers and their industry, all around the world have undergone many changes and just like other industries, this industry has also started focusing on customer needs rather than creating what they think is right. With the advancement in technology, today, bag manufacturers market their product not only by stores and other outlets, but they have also created their online presence by each having his/her own website.

There are a number of bag manufacturers present in the market and specialising in different types of bags. For example there are laptop bags, carry bags, shopping bags, school bags, ladies bags, travelling bags, trolleys etc. these are available in various shapes, sizes, colours and even materials. The bag manufacturing industry has sensed the need to change the old style of making only leather or jute bags. Now, along with these materials, they also make bags made of woollen, cotton, plastic, silicon, and other such materials.

There is yet other advancement in this field. People all over the world have understood the need and importance of going green and hence almost all bag manufacturers have also started designing and selling bags of materials that can be reused or recycled very easily. These are available in the form of jute bags, paper bags, etc.

This step towards adopting greener measures has led to a significant rise in the sales of the bag manufacturers and in order to support these, governments of many nations have also banned the use of plastic bags.

These days the bag manufacturers design bags and sell them with different types of logos on them. The most common and popular types of logos are:

1.Injection Patch Logo that comes in various sizes as well as shapes. The style is exceptional and beautifully presents even multi colours.

2.Screen Printing is a method in which the design is printed when ink is pressed via a mesh screen.

3.Foil Stamping is best suited for printing on vinyl and leather products. A foil is used on the surface of the item and then is heated so that the paint is left on the bag and the foil can be removed.

4.Embroidery is something that never went out of fashion. Many colours and designs can be created with threads and other materials.
5.Debossing is a method in which the customised designs are made on the bags with the help of pressure and heat.

6.Metal logo is another kind in which can be used for a long time and without any damage.

So, not only there are a number of options available in the types of bags, but one can even choose bag that has a different logo on the type of the bag purchased.


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