Two Way Messaging – A Great Interactive Sms Solution

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Every marketer and organization has realized that SMS is here to stay for a long time. The power of SMS marketing has surprised everyone, most of all the die hard critics. No wonder then every industry, be it service oriented or manufacturing, have turned to this amazing little technological marvel for their marketing tasks.

So what is SMS marketing? Who are the providers?

In simple terms it an affordable, efficient and trendy way to send text based marketing campaigns to large audience. The sole purpose is to popularize a product or service. This facility or setup is typically provided by Bulk SMS Service Provider.

These aggregators provide the front end or the software along with SMS credits to send bulk SMS to target customers. Below mentioned are some of the features of bulk SMS software.

1.    It allows and ensures quick and reliable SMS delivery, which is of paramount importance.

2.    Target recipients receive message with custom ID; this builds a company’s identity over a period of time.

3.    A scheduled marketing message translates into savings. The delivery is done prior to the launch of a product or service for maximum impact.

4.    Easy to operate and maintain. Even non-technical staff can operate this software.

5.    Software available in many flavors; desktop based or web based.

Two Way Messaging is yet another SMS marketing solution.

It typically uses short codes or special numbers, and a keyword to get customers involved in some sought of interactive communication. Its purpose is to coerce people into responding, typically to get feedback or response. Below mentioned is a typical example.

Imagine a television reality program which asks viewers to vote one of the three contestants. The message they send is something like this; VOTE A B or C TO 54545. The number in this message reflects the short code, whereas VOTE is the keyword. The receiver responds by typing the corresponding alphabet of the contestant and sends it to 54545.

Two way SMS is also used for real time content service such as weather forecast, stock quotes, travel tips and educational alerts.

Short codes are of two types; shared short codes and dedicated short codes. A dedicated short code is typically used by a single entity, whereas a shared short code is utilized by many. In the latter case the keyword becomes the identity of the sender.

Two way SMS is used by several businesses including media, entertainment, advertising and technology companies to connect with millions of subscribers for goods and services.

Mobile Marketing generally revolves around SMS.

SMS forms the basis of mobile marketing platform. This method is used for several marketing chores such as;

1.    Sending product updates and launches.

2.    Sending regular alerts, discount coupons, invitations, etc.

Sending SMS advertisement campaigns is affordable, fast and reliable way to promote products and services. There are other methods which are not as popular as SMS; but even they are catching up fast. Some of them are mentioned below.

1.    Mobile website search – This marketing method is fast becoming a popular choice of many companies.

2.    Website banner advertisement.

3.    Banner advertisement placed at the top or bottom of videos, especially developed for mobile platform.

4.    Application advertisement. Paid or free mobile applications typically contain advertising at the beginning of the application or they simply rest in one corner inconspicuously.


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