Use The Right Makeup And Look Good.

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For most women, being in a store cosmetics and makeup like a child would feel in a candy store. There are so many good things around, but you do not know where to start! But just as it is to have too much candy, too much makeup can cause undesirable results.

“Less is more” is a practical makeup mantra – which means that the makeup is to enhance your natural appearance, not to create an artificial one.

One way to know if you use too much makeup is to be aware of the reactions of others when you do not have your makeup. They should not be able to distinguish if you wear makeup or not. If not, then you are almost a master at your makeup routine. But if people can easily tell you’re wearing makeup then perhaps you should look at these tips on how to use makeup for a natural look your best.

Premier Skin Care

Is your skin a natural glow is your best trick. Drink plenty of water throughout the day helps the skin retain moisture and elasticity. Keeping the skin clean, never forget to wash your face before going to bed. Use light moisturizers regularly to the face and neck.

2. Foundation, concealer and powder

For the foundation, use shades that complement, not covered, the color of their skin. Apply evenly on face and neck. Your concealer should be one shade lighter than your foundation. The powder can be used as a substitute for a foundation or putting on makeup.

3. Eye shadows, liners, mascara

It stresses the eyes more drama and impact of your face, but do not exaggerate too much emphasis. Daily-wear, lightweight liner and eye shadow, some do. At night, you can add a little ‘color by using darker shades of eye shadow liner, mascara to extend lashes.

4th Red

Some women tend to put directly into the red cheeks on a plane back, this only works in the Kewpie doll. For women like you, brush up slightly from the red to the base of the cheeks, across the cheekbones and then toward the temples.

5th Lipstick

Hue bare or thin is best during the day and saves the need to line your lips. Lip liner shaped to form as well as help to “hold” a shade stronger than used to wear lipstick at night.

Makeup exists to accentuate the positive aspects of your face, so take the time to know what they are and use these tips to help you put your best face forward.


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