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Shilpa to sell homes

After her night club shut down, Shilpa Shetty had been wondering what to do next. Of course her acting career is always there, sillies. So what if we don’t see her in the movies. She’d been trying to extend herself. Our sources tell us that she and hubby Raj Kundra thought of many business options but nothing really worked out. Now it seems the couple has targeted real estate. What’s more they’re even planning to sell property on a discounted rate. Now that’s interesting. All you Mumbaikars looking for a budget home, you know where to head.

Ajay replaces Aamir

Meanwhile we hear Anees Bazmee had approached Aamir Khan with a script. The actor surprisingly liked it very much. But he couldn’t give dates immediately as he has his plate full with future ventures. He reportedly asked Bazmee to wait for two years. Any other director would have gladly waited for Aamir to give the dates. But not Bazmee. In a hurry to start the project, he decided to move on. So he approached his favourite actor Ajay Devgn instead.

PC-HRITHIK pick on each other

They may be good friends but the two have a grave issue with each other. We’re talking about Priyanka Chopra and Hrithik Roshan. It irks him to see her on the mobile every few minutes. He complains that she’s on the phone in between shots. Not one to take things lying down, PC too has pointed out that he too has the same habit. So much that the two don’t let go of any chance to point fingers at each other each time one of them is on the phone. And so as they chill in between shots, their banter continues. Much to the amusement of those around.

Poet Vivek

For all his bluster, Vivek Oberoi has a soft side to him too. The side that appreciates art and culture. Yes we know he collects art. But there’s a finer side than that too to him. The actor writes poetry. And this came to light while he was shooting at Gaziabad recently. The actor would keep jotting something in his diary every now and then. When the director asked him what he was doing, Vivek said he was writing poetry. The director asked if he could read some stuff. The actor agreed. Apparently, the director loved what he read and asked him whether he could use some of his poems in the movie. Vivek was reluctant but finally agreed to part with his creations.

Nargis floors Rishi-Neetu

It was interesting how Ranbir Kapoor’s parents Neetu and Rishi Kapoor met Nargis Fakhri for the first time. The unit of Rockstar had just begun shooting in Delhi. Both Neetu and Rishi Kapoor came to visit their son in Delhi. They were put up at the same hotel where Ranbir, Nargis and the other crew members were staying. So they were catching up with Imtiaz in the hotel lobby when they spotted a beautiful girl sitting across the hall, talking to someone. They were so taken up by her beauty that they drew Imtiaz’s attention towards the girl and said she should consider making a career in the movies. Hearing that Imitiaz laughed and disclosed her identity, telling them she was making her debut opposite Ranbir Kapoor. That’s when they realised she was Nargis Fakhri.  Imtiaz called Nargis over and introduced her to the senior actors. When the incident was narrated to Ranbir, he had a hearty laugh.


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