Top Ten Things to do Before Cooking

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Satisfying the hunger of the loved ones gives you happiness .You feel happy when you are appreciated and your cooking gets the acknowledgment it deserves. Cooking is an art and it needs immense patience and versatility to gratify the craving tongue of your family members. My grandmother had fifteen grandchildren and our summer holidays were invariably spent with her. All we grandchildren would arrive at her village and what a time we used to have. It was all play and good food.

The food she cooked was extraordinary and I am still amazed as to how she managed to cook for all of us. Unlike today there were no hotels in that village and so she had to cater for all her grandchildren all by herself. The taste of her cooking makes me think of it nostalgically to this date. I had tried it out, but could never obtain her flavor. What made her cooking different, I wondered? It was the way she cooked that made all the difference. She cooked with patience, love and care, the essential ingredients of cooking.

  1. You should have all the things you need to cook ready before you start cooking. There are some women who put the pan on fire and frantically search for the ingredients needed. It is a sheer waste of fuel .Suppose you are going to make chicken gravy, all ingredients that go in making it should be in front of you so that you finish cooking without doing a jiggling dance jumping here and there searching for the ingredients.

  2. Clean and wash vegetables before cooking it .Place a colander under a tap and place the vegetables in it .Open the tap and thoroughly wash the vegetables. Potatoes need special cleaning as there is lot of mud sticking to it. Soak it in water for five to ten minutes and wash it afterwards.

  3. Use clean vessels while cooking. Before using them, rinse it in water so that any dirt sticking to it will be cleaned.

  4. Use less of oil as it is very bad for your health. You can use non stick cookware which needs less oil and your cooking will be healthy.

  5. Do not use too much of spices as they are harmful to health. Use it minimally and only when it is really needed to give flavor to your cooking.

  6. Avoid using butter and ghee in your cooking as they add fat to our body.

  7. Do not overcook the food as all essential vitamins and minerals are lost.

  8. Always keep the fire on low while cooking vegetables and other food and have it covered so that it is cooked fast.

  9. After cooking, transfer the cooked food into a dish and have it covered. Do not keep it open as it attracts ants and flies.

  10. Add minimum salt as it instigates hypertension and other health related problems.

Always cook with patience and care. Your care is reflected in the taste of your cooking. Do not crib while cooking; after all you are cooking for your family. There is one main ingredient in all the cooking you do, that is love and the feel that your family will enjoy your cooking.


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