If You'll Use a Dynamic Keyword Insertion Plugin or Software

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Your dynamic keyword insertion plugin must meet the criteria listed below. These criteria are based on actual problems faced by marketers and website owners who want to use non-static keywords and pages to promote their business. If these criteria are met, website owners are bound to spend less in advertising dollars and see more opt-ins and sales coming from the site. Read on to discover what these criteria are.

First of all, the plugin must work in dynamic keyword insertion for WordPress or Joomla. These two content management systems are common but if you do the coding wrong, it can result in catastrophe. Faulty hack jobs usually lead to malfunctioning links, damaged designs, and worst – a website that cannot be indexed by search engines. So, make sure the plugin works fine for these two platforms. You might want to test it on a smaller project first.

Next, the dynamic keyword insertion plugin must require only a single page template for all of the landing pages. This means if you’ll need 100 new pages with dynamic keywords, you mustn’t create the 100 pages manually. There should only be one template so in case you need to edit it, you’ll only be opening and editing a single template. It’s unimaginable to edit a hundred pages, let alone create them for a single campaign!

Also, the plugin must be able to generate the new pages in real time. For example, the searcher enters the keywords “affordable washington apples” on Google. The dynamic AdWords advertisement is created and searcher clicks the ad. The software for dynamic keyword insertion for WordPress must be able to create a page with the keywords as soon as the visitor lands on the site. This is the opposite of the typical concept wherein software or pluginis used to create a hundred different pages with exactly the same content beforehand.

But it’s not enough that the page is created in real-time. Search engines must also recognise it as an actual page and then index it quickly. Otherwise, everything would have been in vain. It wouldn’t make sense if you had 100 different and dynamic but unindexed pages that use the dynamic keyword insertion plugin

Finally, the plugin must have an impact on the company’s cost-per-click campaign. The effective use of a dynamic keyword insertion pluginor software can lead to highly ranked web pages and lower advertising costs. Indirectly, it improves Adwords quality scores. Use it right too and you’ll get cheaper but more targeted traffic for your landing or sales pages.


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