What Is Success And How To Be A Success

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Many people look at their lives and wonder how they can create more success. The first step in answering this question is to ask, “What does success looks like to me?” The Universe has unlimited resources yet we all have beliefs about what we think is possible for us. It is our limited beliefs about what our lives can be that stand in the way of seeing infinite possibility.  Even if we are able to comprehend that infinite possibility, many people never get specific enough about exactly what it is that they want in their lives.

So when we ask ourselves the question, “What does success look like to me?” We really should be asking ourselves far more specific questions to get to the root of our vision.  We should ask questions such as: “What would I like my relationships be like?” “What would I like my financial life to look like?” “How would my work life look?” “What will I do with my time and talent?” “Where would I live and where would I travel to?”

The most fundamental part of achieving success is defining with clarity and specificity what success looks like for you as an individual. A great example of this idea is to imagine that you have an opportunity to have the world’s most talented team of architects, designers and builders create your dream home from the ground up. If all you tell this dream team is that you want a home that makes you happy, you have given away all control and participation in the creative process.  There is no way that the most talented architect will know how to draw up blue prints that will make you happy.  The builders will not know whether you want a house made of brick, wood or stone.  The designer won’t know if you prefer modern, traditional or country design.  

The same is true of the Universe.  If you declare, “I want to be successful,” the Universe has no guidelines or parameters within which to work.  The universe needs to know how to supply you with the ideas, information and steps that will take you from where you are to where you want to be. Therefore, the first step to really having success in your life is a major burning desire for what it is you want to create and the specificity to define it.


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