How to Birth Control

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Birth Control

When position of birth control is discussed in any plate farm, we think automatically a relation between male and female ,due to relationship between them birth word is create , and birth control is also a word that also create from them , now in these days every country face a great problem that is birth control how to control birth rate that is very high in almost in every country .and countries face some problems which of them are unemployment, poverty , no jobs , no children centers ,even within the religions some conflicts are create due to limited circumstances.

It should be clear that, many points of view of peoples and religions about birthcontrol are different. First of all we discuses about Islam religion, There is little to no condemnation of using birth control in most major religions there is no any role for birthcontrol due to Muslim think that if a child born Allah is responsible of all bread and butter of the child.   Allah said in Quran,” among His signs is that he  created for you spouses of your own kind in order that you may response to them in tranquility and He instilled in your hearts love and affection for one another ; verily , in these are signs for those who reflect (on the nature of the reality).” (Al-Rum: 21)

In another place, Allah refers to the relationship among males and females in term of partnership for achieving righteousness and fulfilling the divine permission for their life. “The believers, males and females are partners of one another; they shall jointly enjoin all that is good and counsel against all that is evil.” (At-Tawbah: 71).

Now we coming to the point birth control, there is nothing in Islam that prohibits it so lengthy as it is done consensually for suitable cause: allow for space between pregnancies in arrange to provide proper development and care existing children, et cetera.

Birth control is, however, undesirable when it is resorted to as a permanent measure to prevent conception altogether; Allah says in Quran, “Don’t kill your children for fear of poverty it is We who provide sustenance for them and you; verily killing them is a most heinous crime!”(Al-Isra: 31). After those Muslim scholars have a decision killing of their children due to fear and poverty is unlawful birth control.

In Hinduism many tradition Hindu texts a large families There are also Hindu scriptures which praise small families and, in Sikhism no tradition sensible families encouraged and supported by community, Use of birth control is justified for the sake of economics, health of the family, and social conditions

If atheists are going to accurately and reasonably respond to these changes, it’s necessary to understand what is driving them and where they are coming from.


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