Attendance is Expected Flooding Bung Karno as Excited to See The National Team Against Malaysia.

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Attendance is expected flooding Bung Karno as excited to see the national team against Malaysia.

Trio of Papua-Patrich Wanggai, Titus Bonai, Okto Maniani-may not be grazed in the group match Sea Games this evening in the group stage against the U-23 youth national team of Malaysia.

The main strategy of red-white national team, according to U-23 team manager Roso Daras, is to give opportunity to new players who inherited half or even have never felt the match against Malaysia.

“We are in a position of no-load because it is definitely qualify for the group stage, so we want to use this opportunity to rotation of players,” said Roso.

However, according to Roso, the national team is to understand the public desire to see the eagles champion against the Malayan tiger team.

“Especially since the beginning of SEA Games so they are always our mortal enemy,” he added.

“We’re going down 100 percent, no one player who will get a chance later,” he promised, saying more young eagles new line was announced at 16.00 pm this afternoon.

In the calculations coach Rahmad Darmawan, added Roso, emerging names such as Yongki Ariwibowo that when playing hold down the armband.

Arema former striker who also played for the senior national team, according to Roso chance to go down tonight.

And because of its position together with Wanggai and Bonai, the opportunity to rest two mainstay striker became open.

“People must understand, our target is not to win against Malaysia. Our target is gold in Sea Games,” said Roso.

Unlike Indonesia, Malaysia national team is still likely to fail to qualify for next round, despite the small odds.

They certainly will play a stickler for steal victory tonight.

But for the young eagles squad game tonight actually seen like a trap to create yellow and red cards for players.

“It’s a risky one, we better keep watch to create the best line on the final day,” said Roso.

That means, although considered still saktiuntuk Papua trio of red-white squad, possibly saving them from the ground prepared as an option to anticipate the onset of yellow or red card trap.

“Anyway, we asked fans to understand and still support the lah, we will still look 100%,” Roso promise.

This much-awaited fight night football enthusiast homeland because it will be an opportunity to avenge the painful defeat in the final of the AFF last December, which frustrate the dream Malaysia Indonesia to win the title.


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