Preview Of Microsoft Windows 8 Irreproachable Pay Au Premier Quarter 2012

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Preview of Microsoft Embedded Windows 8 in the first quarter of 2012

Microsoft goes permettre aux développeurs de commencer a preview of Windows 8 embarque dans le premier Quarter of the Year prochaine, avec des finalement announced plans to pour ses produits d’informatique dans les embarquée trimestres suivant de lancement the Windows version of the bureaux de 8.

The next version of Windows Embedded Enterprise will publish within one quarter after Windows 8 will be available, said Ben Smith, director of program management for the Microsoft Windows Embedded business During the briefing last week. Windows Embedded Standard will publish three-quarters of the launch of Windows 8, he said.

Version of Microsoft Office, you should be Windows 8 Released Some Time in a 2012 e

Smith typos de sont les changements reveler Quels les nouvelles versions contiennent, corn utiliseront qu’ils ont declare “interface naturelle” des technologies, a concept Microsoft utilis pour des produits here s’appuient decreasing sur le toucher les ou de parler à remplir Orders. Windows Embedded Standard is fonctionner aussi sur les processeurs ARM.

“Windows 8 rappresenta the novità possibile non solo nell’esperienza PC, my reed attrezzature specializzate nel mondo”, ha detto Smith. “Windows Embedded Abbiamo a stretto Contatto con il team di Windows che per portare the Innovazioni e equipaggiamento a special.”

Windows Embedded is a family of operating systems suitable for use in specialized units built with processors, such as kiosks, medical equipment and construction machinery. But Microsoft is expected that the magnitude of the Windows Embedded to develop as many devices, including everyday items such as refrigerators and even thermometers are equipped with processors.

Now processors have become not only more powerful but also less expensive in cost and physically smaller, said Smith. Improvements in connectivity also means that devices can be permanently connected to the Internet.

“In intelligent systems, information is the new currency,” he said. “We know that the market is excited, and intelligent systems, and we are too.”

Det Baner Vejen for “intelligent Systemer,” Smith SAGD, in sum the best in until Tage dagligdags genstande indsamle on the data you netværk, som derefter Bruges national Selskab bruger f eller until at forbedre driften. Such is not eksempel på Where I VAERO clinic, under the de Hvor medicinska sturgeon Udstyr og er Koblet netværk computer with you, to således læger vol nemt to Holde up-to-date medicinska journaler, som derefter National DELE patient med.

The market for intelligent systems already generates U.S. $ 1 trillion in revenues annually, according to research firm IDC. But in 2015, revenues are expected to double.


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