The Three Lions Manager Problem, Include David Beckham?

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England manager Fabio Capello admitted his giddy selecting players who will be brought to the final of Euro 2012. Of the 40 players who have tried it, all showed satisfactory performance Capello.

Capello experiment with trying out some new players, especially young players in the squad for the Three Lions actually put himself in a difficult choice. Therefore, some new players that just look slick when England bending Spain and Sweden.

Of the 40 players who dijajalnya, Capello inevitably be pursed to 23 players to be brought him to the Ukraine and Poland. As an illustration, for the quarterback position alone, Capello now has 13 players who have fairly equal quality.

“I have a lot of players. I think at the end of the season will be a difficult thing for me to choose 23 players. But better had problems like this than not have the players,” said Capello told The Sun, Thursday, November 17, 2011.

“For the World Cup we’ve had an old players with experience. Now we have young players and I think when we played in the euro-euro they’ll be better than now,” added Capello.

But the former Real Madrid coach is likely to stay put rather than forcing players mature young players who still lack experience.

“They can continue to grow because they are young and get more experience by playing in the Champions League and played in important matches,” he added.

“But the experience is very important in the field. You need the experience. But I do not think about the squad this time because I knew it would be hard to pick a player now,” said Italian coach is

what about David Beckham?

David Beckham ended the trip in England. Manager Fabio Capello has closed door meetings for LA Galaxy player.

Capello sentence him unequivocally that there was no opportunity for Beckham to strengthen his squad. For him, the player is more important than the future of aging players like Beckham impose.

“David is a fantastic player. But, I think we need new players for the future,” said Capello.

At the age of 36 years, it is difficult indeed for Beckham to compete with the junior. As penyisir right wing, he must contend with a number of players quickly and powerful range of Theo Walcott and Adam Johnson.

Obviously, this is not a matter lightly to Beckham. About the speed he lost. Problem stamina, he is also no match for Walcott and Johnson. While Walcott and Johnson still playing in the Premier League, MLS Beckham has only played in the competition is not too competitive.

“If he is fit, I hope he will play one game at Wembley in order to give opportunity to the fans to say farewell,” said Capello.

Although it has been sentenced to Capello, Beckham unyielding. England is defending her honor. Commitment is always the same. He will be ready when the Three Lions call.

“I love football. I am happy to be on the field every day. I woke up in the morning and I’m still excited missed training at the age of 36 years,” he said.

Without Achievement

At club level, Beckham’s achievements can not be doubted. He was able to collect 22 titles throughout his career. However, when it comes to the national team, said it may be appropriate ironic given to Beckham. With a record 115 caps (the two most under Peter Shilton) never once Beckham is able to donate a trophy for his country.

There are big problems come when the tournament was held. At the 1998 World Cup, Beckham was sent off in the final round of eighths. Two years later, he also missed a penalty when tos-tosan against Portugal in the European Cup quarter-finals.

Finally at the 2010 World Cup, Beckham was left off due to severe injury two months before the tournament begins.

Last Chance

Beckham still has a chance to fix a few records of his career at international level. This is of course if he was elected to the United Kingdom to strengthen the squad in the upcoming 2012 London Olympics.

“Beckham will not play in the European Cup. But, I think he will compete in the Olympics,” said Capello.

Although aware of the small chances, Beckham still has a high motivation to get the gold medal. It may also be his last international tournament as a player.

The question now, Could Beckham to end his career with seminal records


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