What Do You Do With A Woman Who Has Commitment Phobia

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Commitment phobia, a woman always feels insecure and vulnerable when it comes to marriage. He wants to postpone the decision is often confused with and does not know how to get out of the relationship. Unlike men, women, commitment phobia do not go around hunting for men. They develop natural relationships, the relationships they believe in, but are not willing to keep. Process, not only hurt men, but also get hurt.

They find it very difficult to get out of these relationships. There is a sense of guilt, and sometimes the road. But these feelings of sadness are a strong feeling of fear. This is a great reluctance to address the issue of marriage. At the same time is too desperate. They do not want to let go of the man who brought so much happiness in their lives. But they just end up leaving their partners confused, baffled and angry.

Why women are changing the commitment phobes

Psychologists see a clear link between commitment phobia and a traumatic childhood. Their studies show that women who suffer from commitment phobia, is deeply influenced by their childhood experiences that have burned their unconscious fears born of such unrealistic.

How to spot a commitment phobe

It is not easy to identify women who suffer from commitment phobia. Do not go around lavishing love and affection freely, or trying to seduce every man who catches their fancy. In fact, seem more vulnerable and insecure, to start relations with a man wants to protect them. Thus, most of these relationships begin.

But men do not know what they do. They are unwittingly being stuck in a relationship that has no future. The best they can do is to probe why the woman for whom they feel so strongly, has not found a partner. It must reach those who wonder if the woman tells them that his relationship is always short. They can of course be blinded by love and faith that it would not happen to them. But then they will make a big mistake.

A better solution would be to make the woman to talk about himself and his early life, to understand why it was so unstable relationships. This can make a woman to share his fears, however, are unrealistic. A man can throw a protective umbrella around him and offer him the security he is gone all the time. But there is no guarantee that a woman can exorcise his fears. The report can still end your dissatisfaction and bitterness with a woman pushing her partner away, but your partner refuses to let him go and suffer from fear of him alone.

Consulting can help?

The last resort is to ensure the commitment phobe to seek professional help. A trained psychologist could be wiped off the fear. The hypnotist may also be able to remove the fears of the past. But much depends on how willing to be open, and the emotional support that wants to take the report.

There is always the possibility that commitment phobia may be able to exorcise his fears. But it is also possible that these fears can be turned against his marriage later. Then you can be sure that the marriage was of short duration. It will not be able to withstand the hallucinations and unfounded fears of commitment phobia.

According to psychologists, the commitment phobia can cause one of the following three situations, the child could have been done during his formative years:

1. The death of a parent: children may not show pain, but they are very sensitive. Some of them can be very difficult to accept the death of his father or mother who was joined deeply. Some of them can not stand seeing the pain of his father or mother. It was then decided that the spirit should not afford to be in similar situations. The logic is that there will be no pain if there is a long term relationship.

A second divorce complicated: There are many children who go into a shell when they see their parents argue about little things, and eventually rupture. There are girls who can not reconcile with their stepfather or stepmother and can not forgive their parents for what they did in their lives. Marriage to these girls seem to be an environment where they can not expect the bitterness and hurt. That is why they are so eager to avoid the “imagined” pain of marriage.

3. Abusive relationship: Some girls are not able to get the abuse from parents, especially his parents. They do not want to go to the men again, but want the price of their independence more. They are deathly afraid to risk an unhappy marriage or other abusive relationship.

The fourth reason for women to avoid long-term relationship is purely professional. They can form relationships at the same time, when their career is ready to take off. I’m so attached to their careers who are not willing to compromise on them. Instead, they want to postpone the wedding date in the future, which in most cases, never comes. But such an exception, successful women to attract men who want to own them.


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