The Role Of Private Enterprise In Putting Man In Space

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A monolithic space agency NASA, failed in his attempt to bring the man in the cosmos. You will benefit along with Le Mans, will be necessary to explore the engine sends the man in the cosmos. Think about what technology has moved forward in American society over the past 100 years. Orville and Wilbur Wright was used by the government. Of course not. Most of its research and development of the invention of the aircraft was on a small bike shop in West Dayton, Ohio, the birthplace of aviation. Thomas Edison, who is credited with the patent in 1093 earned him the nickname “Wizard of Menlo Park” used his own money to build research labs in Menlo Park, New Jersey. In 1889, Thomas Edison established the Edison General Electric Company. Thomas Edison is considered the most prolific inventor of our time and his inventions were created in the field of private enterprise.

He made the seed of the invention of the personal computer germinate in a government laboratory. The invention of the personal computer came with an assortment of different crafts and inventions of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in the garage working in an area now known as Silicon Valley. His art has led to the development of Apple computers. The story of Bill Gates and the development of the family of Microsoft operating systems was carried out in private enterprise. Windows family of operating systems is the most used on earth and was a major player in information technology in the developed world.

Examples of major technological advances within the private sector are numerous. Most of the major technological advances in society were outside the limits of government intervention. Governments have sought to lead the people. The role of government is to preserve the environment for freedom and democracy so that the intellectual curiosity to flourish in this environment. The role of governments is to provide support and should not be in the nuts and bolts of the operation to put people in space. The ingenuity of man within the limits of private companies has resulted in most of the technological advances we have today.

The Americans are at their best when they compete. Competition is an integral part of American society. What was the driving force that put us on the moon. There was competition with the Russians. At present, this kind of competition does not exist. Although it looks like China may be a future competitor. The Americans have to compete to accomplish something. It is competition that stimulates the development of technology. Why not let companies compete for public funds, and allow research and development occurs in these companies, especially, let them compete. These companies may have similar characteristics to any company wishing to produce a viable product. They will not be under contract with NASA and will operate as an independent private business entity. A company can make money from space tourism and the same company may be involved in sending explorers into space.

Government grants may be awarded on the basis of a strong potential exists in space research. The company can be involved in space travel, study, or able to provide research and development. This is the future of a man in search of space.

One will be to explore the cosmos with private companies to become the engine. If a company goes bankrupt, one of the competitors who wins. Of course there will be some dangers and risks will be taken because it is the nature of the business. But when the unfortunate disaster or accident occurs, the engine of private enterprise does not come to a halt. Burt Rutan and his Scaled Composites team has taken the first step towards archetypal dream of exploring the cosmos, and they did so with a fraction of the budget that NASA uses, and with a team of some 130 people to start. They won the Ansari X Prize by sending a man into space and return safely to earth and they repeated this for two weeks. An incredible feat given the facilities and resources that were available to them. This can happen in a society where freedom and democracy are seen as a right for all individuals. United States is one of those communities.

Burt Rutan said he has never worked a day in your life. He just plays. His passion for his work is what produces results. Burt Rutan and his team represent the core of what makes the U.S. the largest country in the world. It may be terrorist can get through that thick head does freedom. Above all, Scaled Composites has shown the world that private enterprise can achieve. Despite the efforts made will never escalated beyond the orbit of the Earth have taken the first step in the mentality and culture, and this put the man in the cosmos. This set the spirit and culture of intellectual curiosity is what really put the man in the cosmos. It is the spirit of all the fear of NASA.


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