How to Train Your New Puppy at Home

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Have you just gotten a brand new puppy? Figured out a name to call it yet? Or are you just swamped with worrying about how your going to have to teach the puppy all the things it needs to know, in order to be a well behaved puppy? Are you a first time dog owner, and have never trained a dog before? Please, feel free to let us know in the comments section!

So now that your the proud owner of a new puppy, you have to tackle the first step, in the line of steps to training your puppy. Your puppy is just like a human baby. They happen to be pure, innocent, cute, cuddly, and even have fun throwing a tantrum every now and then. However, the quicker you train them on the right way to act, the less you’ll have to worry about those tantrums. Don’t worry, training your new puppy is simple. There happen to be a select few things that you have to remember though. You need to always make sure that you are never violent, as this will take all the hard work  you’ve put in, right out. So make sure your always moving in a forward momentum, never one step forward, two steps back.

As well as that, make sure that you always encourage your puppy when trying to teach how to do a new trick, or how to behave properly. You need to treat them as if they were you. Now your probably thinking, what does that mean? I’ll answer it for you. Would you rather have someone scream at you? Getting you all worried, worked up, scared, nervous, and second guessing the things you do? Or would you rather have someone who encourages you, helps you, keeps you calm, let’s you have some fun, and get rewards for your hard work? Seems like one of the two is the obvious choice, am I right?

The next thing that you need to make sure that you do when trying to train your puppy at home, is to make sure that you enjoy the whole process. If your going to get all worked up when the puppy doesn’t do so good, or isn’t quite getting it, your just going to be flustered even more. So make sure that every once in a while, you put down the serious face, and just joke around with the puppy. Make sure that your both having a great time. It will want to listen to you if you build the relationship between you both. Trust me, it will be the puppy you want it to be, if you just enjoy the time you spend with it, and encourage it in it’s attempts.

Puppy Care

Usually people have pets in their homes. The most common one is a dog. But, they forget pets are not just another animal. They can be a real part of our family if you will just consider them; they are a new member with special needs in food, love and some other cares too. Taking care of your puppy is simple if you can have in mind some important aspects.

First of all, you need to understand they have some nutrition requirements that are different of your own. So, you shouldn’t give puppy the leftovers of what you don’t eat. Usually, the food we eat has more fat than the quantity they can digest. If you have the same food with your dog, he can even get sick. In this case, the most common is a skin allergy that can produces a unpleasant smell and aspect in your pet. It could be even embarrassing for you and difficult to remove. So, you’d rather give your dog the food that the specialized companies have developed and can be bought online off their website or in some market near to your household. The cost is variable and always will be better, because it’s easier for your dog to digest, and will make a happy puppy in the long run.

You also need to have in mind that your dog needs to do the number two, and you have to train him on how to propoerly do it, and where. You can train him to do it in some places like a park, which will also give you the chance to take your puppy on a walk. In this case, you need to take a bag, because you can’t let the droplings all over the place, it looks bad. Some people can be even more sophisticated and train their dogs to use the toilet, but let’s not jump to that.

Like I said at the beginning, your dog needs love, like a member of the family. Because of this, you should schedule play time. You can play with a ball or buy some elements specially designed in a pet store. Don’t mind what you use to play with your dog, the most important thing, is to make sure that  you make him feel loved and important, and that you have time specially for him. This could be good event for you, it’s a way to relax and forget all the worries you usually have in your daily life.

Your dog can be exposed to some illness, so you’ll have to vaccinate him, contact a veterinarian in order to keep a registration of all the vaccines, vitamins, antibiotics your dog takes so you can know that he is healthy, because a healthy puppy, is a happy puppy. And we know, that a happy puppy, makes a happy owner.

Pick the Right Puppy Name

Are you the new owner of a puppy? Do you have any idea what to call it yet? Well if your having trouble trying to choose the right puppy name that both you and your little friend will like, have no fear, read on with this exclusive article. Let us know in the comments section how you took the time to figure out how to choose your puppy name. You have to realize that when you choose your puppy name, it’ll be the name that you call them when your mad, happy, excited, and sad. We’re going to do one of the oldest tricks in the book. If you have a set of stairs in your house, you need to stand at the bottom, and screaqm to the top, screaming the name that you wish to call your puppy. If you can do it ten times without getting annoyed by the end, you’ve chosen the right name. If you get annoyed after the sixth time, it’s obviously not the right name you want to use.

In our current day and age, many people do thes when they are trying to choose what they are going to call their baby. And most people would either get annoyed real quickly, or they can like the name and choose that name. So make sure that you try this tactic when trying to find your future puppy’s name. The next thing we’re going to do, happens to involve a hat. Take the time to pull out your alphabet. If you can’t remember what the alphabet consists of, make sure to google it. But in the process, write one name for each letter of the alphabet, and then put it all in a hat. Stir the hat around, let it be for a few hours, and go occupy yourself. You do this so that you can get your mind off of worrying about what name your going to choose, and you won’t be biased when you close your eyes.

When you’ve taken some time off, go back to the hat, close your eyes, spin around twice, andt hen pull one out. Now to do this properly you would have already had to of cut each individual name into a piece of paper for each letter of the alphabet. Now, if you pick a name, you can either put it in the like or the dislike category. From there you keep going until you’ve picked out the few names that you have in the like category. If you don’t want those names that much but want to put in a second B name, then go on right ahead. Now take the time to do the stair trick. We assure you, that this will help you choose the right puppy name.


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