A Word About Disc Golf And Disc Golf Bags

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Traditional Golf is a million dollar sport. But there is another form of golf that is cheaper but fairly popular.  Unlike golf which can set you back by a tidy sum, playing this game is a lot cheaper. This is called Disc Golf. As the name suggests the game involves a participant throwing a disc and netting it in a basket placed some distance away. The disc is made of plastic and the basket of metal and alloys.

The Game

This game is a fairly recent innovation. However the history of disc itself can be traced to ancient India when a ‘chakra’ was used in battle. This disc was made of metal in contrast to the present day disc. However the principle of flight of the disc was the same.
The modern disc is made of plastic and is circular in shape. The discs vary in diameter from 20 to 25 cms. The disc is so shaped that when it is thrown it develops a lift while rotating and traverses the ground from the player to the basket making use of this lift.
The professional Disc Golf Association is in the forefront as a regulator of the game.
All games that need some equipment to play need a bag to lug the equipment around. Bags have thus become an essential part of a player’s equipment like Golf and tennis.

Similarly disc golf also needs bags for the discs and allied equipment to be stored and carried around.  To cater to the needs of the players a wide variety of disc golf bags are available in the market. These golf bags come in various sizes and cover a wide price range. Some disc golf bags are light weight and smaller in size while others are larger and carry a lot more items. What type of disc golf bag is used depends on the player. Bigger bags have more pockets for a variety of equipment while smaller bags are may have only one or two pockets. But it is light weight and thus easier to carry on the course.
 What all can you carry in a disc Golf bag? For this we must know what are the basic items of play that are used in Disc Golf.
Firstly and more importantly you have the discs themselves. This is the basic ingredient of the game. The discs come in a number of sizes and like the golf clubs, different sizes of discs are used to cover different distances in flight. To carry these discs some Disc Golf bags come with a number of compartments. Thus you can use one compartment to store each disc. In smaller bags you may only one or two dividers to store the discs. Separate disc golf dividers are a better option as you can access a particular disc more easily. Remember to store the discs carefully so that they do not suffer any damage. As a damaged disc will not generate the required lift and go the full distance. 
Secondly your disc golf bag must have a compartment for Disc Golf Markers. Disc golf markers come in variety of colors These are important as they help you mark your position during a throw.  Golf disc markers are smaller discs and can be easily distinguished from the normal plastic discs.
Any game played needs a score tally sheet to keep track of your score. Hence in Disc Golf bags also you will need to carry Pencils and score sheets. All Disc Golf bags do have a compartment to store pencils and score cards. Always keep extra scorecards and pencils in your disc golf bag.
Disc golf is more often played in the woods and open spaces. It’s an outdoor sport played close to nature. Hence you will need some form of protection from bugs and other flying insects that could sting your skin. You will need to carry a bug spray or repellent and some form of sun screen lotion or cream. Your bag must have a compartment for these items.
Your Disc Golf bag must also have place to mark your name on it for easy identification. This is important when a large number of players are on the course and the chance of a misplaced bag is high. A marking on the bag with your name will go a long way in you, keeping track of your bag.
Innova and Lightening are important names in the manufacture of  Disc Golf bags. You can purchase these bags from the net as well.
You can buy an entry level bag from lightening brand. It has a single main compartment for discs that can hold up to 10 discs. It also has a nylon zipper cover that can also be held in position with Velcro belts.
Other entry level bags are available that have padded adjustable shoulder straps that make the bag easy to carried.  Bags also come with a pocket for any beverage or soft drink you may need to carry. So if you are a beginner in the game , its best to go in for low priced bags. However choose a bag that should suffice for all your basic needs. Entry level bags generally are cheap and cost between $ 12 -$14.
Costlier bags are available with multiple compartments. They are also made of superior materials. These are the tour bags and competition bags.



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