6 Things to Know For Tourists Ouside of US Coming to Vegas

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You have to take the cab around the city if you don’t drive and in this case it is obvious that you don’t drive but you can always rent a car at rent a car at the stop near the airport. They have shuttle that will take you there to rent a car. Renting a car is great if you hate walking and if you’re planning to drive around the city and discovering the city. You have to pay about $20 per person from the airport to the strip.


You have to tips just about everyone here in Vegas. You have to tip the cab driver, the bell boy, the waitress, the waiter, the server, the cigarette girl and anyone else who serves you. You might not have to tip the manager. Tips can be anywhere from $1 to $10 or even more.


You have to do a lot of walking if you didn’t rent a car and don’t plan on paying for cab drives everywhere but the strip is walkable and it’s enjoyable to walk down the strip and see the views and meet new people. It’s a Vegas experience, plus you will get to see the Bellagio water fountain show and the Pirates show at the Treasure Island. This is when you need to bring comfortable shoes for the weather. It gets really hot here in the summer and really cold here in the winter. You need cold jacket for the winter and light clothing for the summer.

The best hotel

All the hotels here are great since the management here in Vegas is superb, nothing like other states. They have the top service here and we’re a service oriented state. You will get your ways most of the time and most of them value your business so you will not have to worry about most things here in Vegas. However, there can be poorer service if you stay at inexpensive hotel in downtown or elsewhere. They’re not the same as the large hotel like MGM or Harrah’s or Boyd.

Comps in casinos

You do get comps in casinos for free food, buffet, or rooms if you have a player’s card and if you play a lot. Make sure you get a player card at the player’s game desk and ask to use it at all time. A free room is a great thing if you visit this city often. You get discounts also when you dine out.

Getting rip off

You do get rip off in some places here like strip clubs or private strip shows. They’re always a rip off. They don’t have a set price and prices are different all the time. You need to stay away from those places like nude club because they will rip you off. How about paying $800 for a strip tease, not your average strip tease if you order the girls to go in the back, if you didn’t know that it was going to cost you. Also, don’t let the hookers get you either, because there are so many hookers walking the casinos.  


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