Why Its Not Depressing to be Single

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Many single people feel lonely and depressed and they want to do bad things to themselves. They think life is not good being single but I think that they’re wrong because when you’re a parent of 6 and you lost your job and all your kids are under 16, you will then see that being single is the best thing in the world. Single people don’t carry the responsibility and stress of a parent. They can go out any time and do anything that they want. They have extra money in the bank because they don’t have to raise 5 kids and a husband. They get plenty of time to sleep and relax, so they’re not the one who will rear end you on the road. They have time for parties and time for shopping. This is like my life. I’m single and extremely happy. I think that my goal was always to remain free of babies, stress, and parenthood and I love the single life.

If you’re single and not happy, just know that about 80% of parents in the world wish that they were single like you because they have 6 kids to raise and $100k  of debt. They wish they were single like you. The single life is the ultimate dream of the 21st century. We just don’t have enough time and money to raise 6 kids. We love to party some more and spend time on the French Riviera. We really would like a vacation. I think these were the things that were screaming out of my parents because they hated the marriage life since day one. They wish that they were always single. My dad tells me every day that he wish he was single. He hated raising children and he hated his wife. They don’t get along and they have 4 kids and its too late. I always try to get a life that is completely opposite of them. I think my parent made life miserable for the family. Our lives would be better if we had different parents. This is why I love the single life.

 I’ve dated many people before, only to find out that I hated being in a relationship and I always enjoy time alone. I love to do things alone. I love to do everything that I ever wanted to and it’s hard to do this when you have to report to someone daily or weekly. It’s just not right. I travel a lot before, and it was impossible to date anyone. I finally realize that boys weren’t the number one thing in my life and that they did not make me happy. Boys made me miserable. I hated dating the same old person daily. I love excitement and I love to be on my own. I guess will get lonely one day but for now I think the life of a single person is the best and every married person would feel the same way.


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