Is Your Best Friend Preying on Your Man?

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Does this question seem to pop through your head every day? If it is then your best friend might be preying on your man, and it’s time to do something about it. You can confront her or end your relationship so she can no longer be around. If she’s not around then she will not be able to prey on your relationship. It’s sad but your man will seem more attractive when he’s not single and especially if you’re best friend can’t get a man on her own because she’s not good looking or overweight or have huge personality’s issues. It’s sad to talk about this topic but my best friend have always manage to ruin my relationship because they’re incompetent and ugly so I suggest that you look at your best friend and see what her motives are. I recently read on the news that a nursing student was killed in San Francisco for flirting too much with her best friend’s boyfriend. Yes, you can get your friend really angry if you keep going after their man. Relationship is a fire that you don’t want to play around with or else you will get burn really badly.

Something must be happening for you to start thinking about your best friend, if she’s a good friend, this will never pop in your mind in the first place. She must be going after your man because she’s lonely or just jealous of the attention that you’re getting. I suggest that you pay close attention to her and maybe invite her along on a date with your man to see their interaction. If she is in fact going after him, and you can tell right away, she will be staring his way, smiling, flirting, you can then decide what to do with her afterward. If it’s true, you should end your relationship with her immediately or stop hanging around her when you’re with your man. If you never bring her around, she will never be able to see him and if she asks you about him then that’s when you should stop calling her and find yourself another friend because a friend should not be prettying on your relationship.

A lot of it has to do with psychology and the status of your friend. If she’s someone with self-respect and respect for others than she would not go after your man, she would have her own man but if she’s not good looking, mental and have other problems than she would most likely feed off of the relationship that you have. Yes, life is crazy, so watch out for your best friend. It’s funny but just about every person with a hot wife wrote or tell people that their friend want to steal their money and their wife away from them and it’s not an uncommon thing either. I’m not wealthy and don’t have a hot husband but people want to steal my man all the time, even when they have a man already. Yes, life is so sad when it comes to these things but they’re very dangerous and apparent so take notice and take action. The best way is to let go of an indecent friend. They will hurt you sooner or later. A good friend won’t harm you and if they harm you then they’re not a good friend.


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