Outdoor Activities in Las Vegas

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If you’re going to Las Vegas and you love the outdoor, there are a few great places that you will really need to know. They’re near the strip and the farthest is about an hour away. After awhile of visiting Las Vegas, I think we all need something more than the gambling environment; it’s kind of dry sometimes. If you have a home here, or if you do business here, you will need to know the locations like Lake Mead, Red Rock for camping, snowboarding on Mt. Charleston, driving through the Grand Canyon, or visiting Lake Las Vegas. How about great parks around the city? We have plenty of those too. Do you like browsing through the outlet mall here and window shopping? There are plenty of those around too. We also have local museum, libraries, and ethnic food that you will have to know too.

Lake Mead

Lake Mead is located in boulder city, about 45 minutes away from the strip and they’re the borderline from Arizona. It’s 50 miles or more in width and length lake. It’s endless. It’s enough to kill time for a week. It’s Vegas’s best asset. You will have to pay for a daily or weekly pass and it will depend on the number of people and vehicles with you. It’s affordable and less than $100. You can also camp out here. There are many things that you can do out here like renting boats, and Jet Ski but you can also wheel in your own. You can go swimming or just lay out in the beach. The one good thing is that you get to drive your car and boat all the way down and next to the water and you don’t have to park your car and walk in. this is different than beaches because you can’t drive your car down. So it’s utterly romantic. You can park your car next to the water and make love and no one will know. I think it’s something to think about. People go wind surfing out here too. The water is very shallow and you can have kids go swimming. There are no waves here.

Red Rock

Do you love to camp and go hiking or rock climbing? This is your heaven if you say yes. Red Rock is also another great feature of Las Vegas. People come here from all over to climb rock, to camp and to hike. It’s gorgeous out here. You can feel a certain freedom that the gambling hall doesn’t have. The rocks are like Grand Canyon and they’re red in colors. Red Rock is next to the city of summerlin. Summerlin is a very upscale neighborhood with little crime and disturbances. You will love it out here. You can camp out and drive your cars out there. You will occasionally see many people here.

Mt. Charleston

Mt. Charleston is another mountain that you can go with your friends or family to go hiking, camping and discovering. Mt. Charleston is another unique feature of Vegas. People here really love these mountains, like snowboarding in the winter is one of our best feature.

Grand Canyon

The grand Canyon tour is great. You can catch the helicopter ride out there. However, you can rent a car and drive out there. You will have the best experience ever. Driving through all the canyon is like a tour back to the past. It’s a religious experience. I was kind of afraid but I love the great canyon because it’s not something that I could see in my other state. It’s a different and mind blowing experience.


We have several gigantic parks in Vegas. There is one in Spring Mountain and Durango and many more out in red rock and summerlin. The park is big and you can have a picnic or go running with your dog out there.


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