Is Your Next Business in Las Vegas

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Is Vegas your next location for your business? Vegas is an ever growing city. We’re young, and we’re still growing. There are plenty of spaces here for business owners. We’re not at a saturation point yet. In some city like Boulder, there isn’t one visible Chinese fast food restaurant around. You can still do business here. They will welcome you just as long as you’re not another strip joint; I think we have enough of those around here. We also have enough casino and hotels and I think some casinos have very low visitors because people wouldn’t walk that far to visit Wynn when they’re down in Mandalay Bay. They rather stay near. We have way too many hotels and casinos here already. I don’t think new casinos and hotel will do well here but they might do well somewhere else. Look like Sands in Macau is doing great so you should think of other location if you want to get into the casino and hotel business. We still have room for fresh and new business here. I don’t see a lot of unique business here like an after school soccer program or an after school football team. We are missing those little businesses that really matter too.

If you’re thinking about moving to Vegas and starting a new business or expanding your business, you might still be in luck, since we can always welcome more jobs but we can use your service or products here. We’re a low saturation state. There are plenty of rooms in Vegas in certain cities out side of Vegas and in Reno. We’re not saturated like CA or New York. You can think of everything in CA or New York. They’re not missing anything there. We are missing too much here. We don’t have a lot of manufacturing here. We don’t have a lot of wholesaler here. We don’t have a lot of research labs here. We don’t have a lot of tech companies out here. For one thing that you must love about Vegas is that you can pay low rentals for your buildings and hence can open even more buildings. How about film studios? Come here and open studios, we’re cheaper here. You would love the rental here because they’re three times as less as other states and we have plenty of nice scenes here.

What city is best to do business in Vegas? Obviously, you will have more consumers around the strip but you will also have a great local business if it suits the locals here in areas outside of the strip. We have very few businesses that are unique in areas away from the strip. We have the usual like Albertsons or Home Depot but we don’t have something like a wedding studio or a film studio. We’re lacking those unique businesses. We don’t have hot Asian coffee shop or pho shop at every corner even though they’re very popular but Asian people don’t all live in Vegas. If you feel like Vegas low housing and commercial rental fees will benefit your business then you should move here. Why do business in saturated areas already. You will have to work too hard to win businesses.


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