Do You Indeed Trust The Un?

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Do answer this question before you proceed? The question again is, Can we trust the United Nations? Do you trust them? If of course yes, why? If no, why no?

Maybe you guess might me as good as mine.

The UN I know is an organization fostering unity between nations, yes nations but the truth of the matter is that, is the UN really doing what is expected of its mandate or being just used as a shield of manipulation by the supreme powers from the other side rest?
Is there anywhere in the constitution of the UN where the UN can support in anyway support rebels such as  what we are witnessed  in a country called Libya?
Same rebels from Liberia like Charles Taylor and the likes were totally destroyed, why? Were  the rebels in Libya not rebels?
We now have a situation whereby rebels in Ivory Coast were and Libya supported whhiles the Lord’s Resistance Army rebels in Uganda are being hunted down. Is that not double standards on the part of the UN?

 Joseph Kony with his men are indeed having some tough in the  bushes of Uganda. The latest development now is of the fact that, Obama had  now pledge 100 experiensed to the Ugandans president to help battle  this army the the Lord(LRA).

Let me now shift attention to another part.

Is this really fair?  How come a whole continent like Africa  3 times more than the size of Europe combined have only one representative in the UN Military Council?

Do you indeed and sinserelytrustthe UN?  I do of course know that the UN have some useful programmes which is indeed helping  countries especially African countries.

The UNICEF and other insightful programmes which is indeed worth recommended.

Mind you I have no problem with the UN but with the way it handles issues especiallyproblems involving Africa.

The haste and mannerin which soldiers are deployes onAfrican soils on issues which could had easily be solved with diagoue. Instances like the issues of Cote D’Ivoire.  The man who  declared Gbabo winner was thesame man who later decared Quattara the winner amidst loud cry of re-election.


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