How The Great Britain Was Scammed.

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The said date was in the year 2002, The appointed year for the doom of Mugabe.

It all started when some British officials, the American High Intelligence as well as  the MDC-Movement For Democractic Change( an opposition party in Zimbabwe) met in South Africa with ‘THE FIVE GENERALS’ of Nigeria.

The main agenda on board was a useful plan on how to ovrtthrow the ‘stubborn cat’  Robert Mugabe who had and still continues to  a thong in the flesh of the British.

 The five generals of Nigeria briefed them on how they had successfully master-minded  a coup d’etat in Nigeria which brought IBB to power- Ibrahim Babaginda.

With trust and mutual agreement all well and nicely sorted out, an initial amount of $12 milliom was agreed upon. The date and all necessary implementation were all sorted. The day for this dreadful incident was to be taken place the day the electoral results will be decleared after the presidential elections.

According to reports,  the agreed amount was debursed to the five generals in no time since there is indeed no time to waste. Action in the quickest possible time.

The question which therefore comes in mind is, why were the British soo  keen on overthrowing Bob Mugabe?

The answer here was simple, they were in hurry to stop the Zimbabwe’s Land Reform Programme which had seen

Zimbabweans  of white descend losing their farms and lands.

Morgan Tsvangiri-the leader of MDC and the trustee of the British was then booked into luxurious hotel about 2km away from the State House.  I guess the question you will intend to ask is, why? Meikles Hotel tobe exact.

Morgan was to take and steer the affairs of the country after the successful coup d’etat.

 The time came and the results were announced and as expected, Mugabe was victorious but the funniest part of the whole incident was that, the proposed plan failed to materialised. The so coup d’etat never took place even after days of declaration.

In a sudden turn of events ‘the five generals of Nigeria’  explained that,  to ‘operalise’ the coup plan, a ‘trigger’ was now necessary. They therefore demanded an additional $3 million to pay off the remaining personnels  of Zimbabwe they had involved in the coup plan. Each personnel is said to had been paid an estimated $100,000.

The British oblingingly sent the money thus raising their coup committmentto $15 million. And then they spent the next few days twiddling their fingers, waiting in vain for a development.

Are they still waiting? I can’t tell.

That’s how the Great Briatin was ripped off of $15 million by some fake generals.


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