Provisions Being Adsense Publisher

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Programs such as what exactly is AdSense? to further clarify the understanding of Google AdSense, quick explanation of what is Google AdSense. Here’s more exposure.

The virtual world was to offer a variety of opportunities to earn additional income. One is a program that is Google AdSense monetization blog hosted by Google. In this program, Google is offering an extra income in dollars ($) for the “bloggers” who are willing to become publisher of the company’s advertising partner Google. With the payment system Pay Per Click (PhD), many are tempted by the offer of these giant IT companies. In fact, many have already benefited from this program and earn Google AdSense revenue promised.

If you are interested to participate in the Google AdSense program, Arida must meet the conditions set both specific and general. What you must meet

1. Having a blog or website. In accordance with the purpose of blog monetization program, surely you must have a blog or website first. To create a blog. advantage of the free blog hosting service such as, WordPress. com, etc.. Meanwhile, to create a website, simply use the services CMS (Content Management System) that is open source or free sweat Mambo Joomla don.

2. Content blog or website should be using English or other languages ​​supported by Google’s AdSense program.

For publishers who are domiciled in countries with languages ​​that are not supported by Google AdSense, like Indonesia for example, the blog or its websites should use the English language. The use of English has become one of the provisions or requirements that must be met in order for your blog or website in the Google AdSense accepted this. Purpose use of English or other languages ​​supported by Google AdSense for advertisements that will be displayed according to the category of your blog or website. If you do not meet these requirements then your blog or website you’ll just get the Google AdSense for Search only.

Keep in mind that the other languages ​​supported by Google AdSense than English is the language of German, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. From a variety of language choices, you can use one of them. However, if you do not master those languages, use the English language to your blog or website.

In addition to specific provisions, there are general provisions. These general provisions relating to the content of your blog or website. You will be accepted as Goggle AdSense publisher when the content of your blog or website does not contain any of the following:

• Pornography or things related to sex.

• Proyokasi to violence, racial intolerance, and discrimination against a particular race or religion.

• Profanity, insults, or anything negative connotation.

• Trafficking of women and children.

• Trade of weapons including weapons, firearms, and ammunition.

• Sales of illegal drugs or narcotics.

• Pictures, videos, and music (MP3) in violation of copyright.

• Teaching how to hacking or cracking.

• online gambling activity.

• Sale of alcoholic liquor and cigarettes.

• Selling or promoting goods or pirated imitation.


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